“Adiemus” Marianum High School

2023-04-29 All day


“Adiemus” is a song composed by Welsh composer Karl Jenkins, which was first featured on his album “Adiemus: Songs of Sanctuary” in 1995. The song is performed by a vocal ensemble and features a unique blend of world music influences, including African and Latin American rhythms, along with classical choral arrangements.

The lyrics of “Adiemus” are not based on any specific language or culture. Instead, the vocalists perform with syllables and sounds that create a non-lexical vocable language, which is intended to be universal and accessible to people from all cultures and backgrounds.

The overall message of the song is one of unity and harmony, with a focus on the power of music to bring people together. The composer has described the piece as a celebration of the human voice and the beauty of the human spirit, and it has been embraced by audiences around the world for its uplifting and inspiring qualities.


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