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Online from Ann Arbor every day since 2013. We conduct our business in this manner because, apart from the sheer velocity of the standards stream with which we keep pace, a great deal of the content -- even draft material -- is copyright protected. Opinions among experts are often shared 'entre nous'. Because we must tip-toe around intellectual property rights we provide limited access to our library. Just give us a call.


Meeting ID: 814 6817 6816 | Passcode: dDxtC7

Simple call in: 1-734-780-9243  or 1-800-748-3670

We gather online every day at 11:00 until 11:30 AM Eastern US Time (15:00/16:00 UTC) for consultation on anything having to do with regulations, codes and standards that govern any dimension of the physical character of education communities. If we need more time, we take it; or schedule another breakout session.   You will need to wiggle the click-in time owing to national daylight savings practice.

You may need to wiggle the start times owing to differences in time zones.  Use the UTC Time Now link to get your time bearing.

Educational settlements are present in every economic sector and lie at the foundation of the economies of every nation.  Education community building construction activity, supported by tax management regimes, resemble the ideal of a perpetual motion machine.  You will likely be surprised at the flux and velocity of standards action related to the sum total of the elements, factors and conditions in educational settings which may have an impact on the development, action or survival of the community.  At the very least, we simply walk through all the public consultations in the days and weeks ahead.  If we need time more time we typically take it.


Standards January | Language

Standards Michigan Offices, Ann Arbor, Michigan | 2723 South State Street | Suite 150

We conduct our business in this manner because, apart from the sheer velocity of the standards stream with which we keep pace, a great deal of the content in standards publisher catalogs is copyright protected.  Opinions among technical experts and administrators are shared entre nous; even between competitors.

We do our level best to respect the restrictions standards developers place upon draft material that is open for public review.   We cannot distribute draft material but we can discuss specifics on the screen during an online meeting.   Some of our draft agendas, and supporting material for breakout teleconferences, are available in advance to our email subscribers only.  We do not charge for information that is already publicly available; either by standards developing organizations and/or governments.   There is plenty of movement, competition and nuance among standards developers for us to discuss and make decisions upon every day.

We encourage you to subscribe to our email list by sending a request to bella@standardsmichigan.com. 

One need look no further than the innovation-standardization-commoditization cycle in teleconferencing platforms to secure an understanding of why Standards Michigan gives high priority to interoperability standards (as opposed to the product standards catalog of ASTM and UL both of whom are examples of conformance organizations close coupled with manufacturers).

Since there are several teleconferencing platforms; we will keep the Zoom service for daily colloquia but will use other platforms for breakout sessions as the need arises.  Because of interoperability problems switching between teleconferencing platforms we recommend using telephone audio to join us.


Practical Essay on the Strength of Cast Iron and Other Metals 1822 | Thomas Tredgold

The Civil Engineer and Architect’s Journal 1837 | Peter Barlow Editor

Technics and Civilization 1934 | Lewis Mumford

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