Standards Michigan

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Qui cantat bis orat

A behind-the-scenes insight into the life of the Choir, featuring interviews, rehearsal footage and aerial footage of the University of Cambridge Estate.

Oct 02, 2022


The classical and fine arts of the University of Notre Dame, broadcasting to the Michiana region at 88.9 on your radio dial and livestream 24/7 on the internet.

Oct 02, 2022

Why We Sing

Sound Curry features the Christ choir in a mix and mash up of pieces and performances rendered for the academic year.

Oct 02, 2022

Cultural Resource Properties

Education communities are stewards of cultural assets whose safety features are cut from a "fabric" of about twenty best practice titles. Fire safety is a top-most risk to manage and one with heartbreaking results when it fails; as in Paris on April 15, 2019. The 2021 Edition is the current edition. Public input on the 2025 Edition is receivable until 5 January 2023.

Oct 02, 2022


College campuses are the closest many people come to living in a beautiful city. The catalog of literature that informs the safety and sustainability of these "cities-within-cities" changes 100 to 1000 times per day. Many of titles in this catalog are unstable, time-sensitive and copyright protected. We break down standards action every day, assign priorities, then schedule a separate teleconference to formulate responses to public consultations. Daily colloquia topics appear on our CALENDAR.

Oct 02, 2022

Protecting Animals When Disaster Strikes

The Davis School of Veterinary Medicine will support and train a network of government agencies, individuals and organizations to aid domestic animals and livestock during emergencies.

Oct 02, 2022

Animal Safety

We have advocated for scalable, risk-informed performance standards in the Fire and Life Safety Code for Animal Housing Facilities since the 2013 Edition. Many universities have significant resources devoted to animal husbandry and healthcare research that requires laboratory animals in buildings and on the university farm. Public consultation on the First Draft of the 2025 Edition closes May 31, 2023. 

Oct 02, 2022

Marina & Boatyard Electrical Safety

The flooding in the European Lowlands over the past two weeks inspires a revisit of NFPA 303: Fire Protection Standard for Marinas and Boatyards.  Apart from athletic competition, many colleges, universities and trade schools with academic programs are responsible for safety of facilities located on fresh and saltwater shorelines.  Other nations refer to best practice discovered and applied in the United States.  Public input closing date for the 2025 Edition is June 1, 2023.   

Oct 02, 2022

Standards Florida

We continue build out of our collaboration platform to school districts, colleges, universities and university-affiliated healthcare systems in all 50-states. To lower #TotalCostofOwnership for the #WiseCampus every state is approached mindful of its history, culture, governance regime, asset-base and network of expertise. #StandardsFlorida

Oct 02, 2022
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