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H.R. 4997 / ARTS Act

To amend section 708 of title 17, United States Code, to permit the Register of Copyrights to waive fees for filing an application for registration of a copyright claim in certain circumstances, and for other purposes. Introduced Nov 8, 2019.

Jan 24, 2020

2020 Student Paper Competition

This year's topic for ANSI's annual Student Paper Competition: "Choose one of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and explore ways in which standards play a role in achieving those goals. Your paper should identify a relevant standard or multiple standards and discuss how they can contribute to strategies and solutions for reaching the targets set out in one of the Sustainable Development Goals." [Papers due April 30th]

Jan 24, 2020

Arts & Entertainment Standards Monthly

Today at 11 AM Eastern time we sweep through action in "event safety" consensus products that are incorporated by reference into public safety laws. Leading practice discovery in this space affects content development for massive open online curriculum and the cultural atmospherics in the communities that host academic institutions.

Jan 24, 2020

Arenas, Lecture Halls & Theaters

Electrical system safety standards for performance arts facilities in the education, and other industries is established, in large measure, in Articles 518 through Article 540 of the National Electrical Code (NEC). We have identified the safety challenges associated with large gatherings of people ("event safety") and how the NEC supports the goals and coverage of other public safety standards suites. [Comments on the 2023 revision are due September 10th]

Jan 24, 2020

Audio Standards

Our cities-within-cities are the setting for performance theaters, large lecture halls and athletic stadiums, massive open online curricula production centers, and virtual reality learning centers that depend upon effective audio systems that are electrotechnologically complex. With requisite integration of mass notification and way-finding systems, it is wise to keep pace with developments in audio technologies. [Comments on a revision to a standard for audio applications to networks are due January 31st]

Jan 24, 2020

Open for Comment

Every day our algorithm identifies so many commenting opportunities on ANSI accredited, consortia and open-source consensus products that affect the safety and sustainability agenda of the $300 billion education facility industry that we now aggregate them into one post; updated every 12 hours. Links to a selection of high priority standards-setting action with deadlines that can practically be met within the next 90 days are grouped according to topics on the agenda of our daily teleconferences. 

Jan 24, 2020

Lighting Theatre & Auditorium Spaces

With illumination technology an essential part of the safety of audiences and subjects, and the quality and character of art and entertainment events, we follow action in the consensus products of the Illumination Engineering Society; usually incorporated by reference into design guidelines and construction contracts.

Jan 24, 2020

Art & Entertainment Settings

The education industry presents the largest installed base of publicly-owned performance facilities. By getting you quickly to the transcripts of the ICC Group B products, you can sample the original inspiration for the safety and sustainability concepts that will appear in the 2021 International Building Code.

Jan 24, 2020

Theater Safety Standards

Concentrated electrotechnologies that support entertainment enterprises and massive open online educational content is characteristic of the emergent #SmartCampus. One of the first names in consensus product development in this space has released a number of redlines that propose updated safety and sustainability concepts. The comment deadline expired December 30th but it still may be possible to submit a comment through a technical committee member.

Jan 24, 2020
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