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Today at 16:00 UTC we run a status check on the technical literature informing best practice for remote/hybrid working, teaching, learning and lively art performance.  We start with the following incumbent standards developers primarily involved with hardware interoperability permanently installed in the built environment (classrooms, studios, auditoriums and the like) for which stewards of physical assets are responsible.

Jan 27, 2022


“We don’t make movies to make money; we make money to make more movies.” - Walt Disney

Jan 27, 2022

Information technology for learning, education and training

Demographic dynamics create ferocious competition among education communities for the hearts and minds of digital youth. Learning technologies change in a continuous stream.  We track the work products of this committee and share our findings twice per month; collaborating with the IEEE Education & Healthcare Facilities Committee.

Jan 27, 2022

Service requirements for distance learning

Global public health drivers inspire a revisit of best practice literature for distance learning technologies. ITU Recommendation F.742 provides the broad framework for setting up and running these services; providing a template for national distance learning policy.

Jan 27, 2022


Best practice literature for education community safety and sustainability changes 100 to 1000 times per day. Many of titles are unstable (i.e. still in draft form), time-sensitive and copyright protected. We break down the action every day, assign priorities, then schedule a separate teleconference to formulate responses to public consultations. Daily colloquia topics are shown on our CALENDAR.

Jan 27, 2022

Media Production Facilities

Tour the support facilities for a Level 3 Cambridge Technical Diploma designed for people who enjoy learning in a practical, work-related way. The facilities support curriculum for industry recognised qualification that acknowledges the skills, settings, job roles, principles and values involved in the Media Industry.

Jan 27, 2022

Requirements for Hybrid Media Production

How does one design a facility that will keep pace with media infrastructure innovation without needing a forklift upgrade every decade?  This paper examines new hybrid models for media production, explores their components, and gives examples of how to compose the media future for live production environments at the studio and enterprise levels.

Jan 27, 2022

Arenas, Lecture Halls & Theaters

Electrical power system best practice for athletic and lively art facilities are set in Articles 518 through Article 540 of the National Electrical Code. We have identified the safety challenges associated with large gatherings of people ("event safety"). Technical Committees completed their meetings on Second Draft consultations in October and balloting is now happening. After the NFPA Annual Meeting in June the 2023 Edition the released for public use sometime in the later months of 2022.

Jan 27, 2022

Improvement of Campus Wireless

In this paper, the authors have made an attempt to identify dead zones in the campus by measuring Wi-Fi signal strength using Netspot tool. The Wi-Fi signal strength is represented with heat map to identify the weak signal areas and dead zones. Solutions to improve the coverage have been presented.

Jan 27, 2022
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