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E-Learning Comments Due

2019-03-18 All day

ASSP (Safety) (American Society of Safety Professionals)

BSR/ASSP Z490.2-201X, Accepted Practices for E-learning in Safety, Health and Environmental Training (new standard) This standard establishes criteria for safety, health and environmental virtual training programs, including program management, development, delivery, evaluation, and documentation. The purpose of this standard is to provide criteria for accepted practices for safety, health, and environmental training programs including development, delivery, evaluation, and program management, which are delivered via virtual means. This standard is recommended for application by virtual training providers of safety, health, and environmental training. If any of the provisions of this standard are not applicable, the other requirements of the standard shall still apply. This standard applies to all occupational safety, health, or environmental training, whether separate or a part of other training being given on a virtual basis.

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