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2022-09-21 11:00 - 12:00

Hubble contributes to painting a picture of the evolving universe | CLICK ON IMAGE

Faster than you can say “lost luggage” innovators will be outnumbered by regulators, administrative busybodies and muckety-mucks seeking a piece of the action in the nascent catalog of space standards.   Innovators will use standardization processes (particularly those favored by the federal government) to outflank their competitors.

Space is not our primary domain but, because academic programs are re-tooling their aerospace programs, we keep an eye on it.  Solving problems related to space traffic management and orbital debris, for example, are hazards that can be solved with the assistance of academia. Aerospace programs have been co-operating with governments for decades and there is build-out of earthbound facilities needed to continue support for it.

This is a new unit on our Syllabus starting 2022.  We will at least poke at the topic (i.e. track the relevant literature) to see if we can be of any help enlightening approaches to making the physical earthbound campus safer, simpler, lower-cost and longer-lasting.   We will start with aerospace research facilities.

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