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February 24, 2021

February 24: 

During yesterday’s colloquium on water; reference was made to this video on backflow prevention by the American Water College:


February 18: 

The deadline for the NIST Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship was incorrectly indicated on our home page; although the correct deadline of February 19th was shown in the post detail (Looks like they might have extended the deadline).

The February 19th deadline — tomorrow — is now correctly shown.

Summer Internship Research Fellowship


February 11: (Disaster Colloquium)

FM Global bibliography updated:

Property Loss Prevention

Backgrounder on the Power Law and Fat Tails:


February 3:

The US TAG teleconference agenda for the first 2021 (Ad Hoc) ISO Healthcare Administration standard is now included in the post and linked below:

Healthcare Administration

ISO 304 US TAG Ad Hoc Agenda 2-3-2021

Consultation period on New Work Item Proposals runs from 13 February through 15 March

January 28:

The 116th United States Congress, which began on January 3, 2019 and ended on January 3, 2021, enacted 344 public laws and zero private laws.  Noteworthy: Recognizing Achievement in Classified School Employees Act


January 23:

Removed informative links to Public Law 90-120-November 7, 1967  that were included with the original University of Michigan post.  Our policy at the moment is to post only the original legislative text.  Analysis and opinion on the topic of the use of public funds to support content that grows government beyond the intent of the original legislation can be found everywhere with a simple search.  Our focus is on the frequency allocation and electrotechnical facilities which are non-trivial in first and running cost.

Readings / Public Broadcasting Act

January 20:

The ICC updated the Group A Code Development Cycle


International Building Code Electrical


January 15:

Additional attachment from recent BCAC meetings.  Thanks for Kim Paarlberg.

Bleachers, Folding Seating & Grandstands

January 4:

Electrical Code Administration


December 22:

Corrected to reflect FM Global October 2020 update of solar voltaic panel, wind design, roof wind uplift resistance, sprinkler system installation, IT&M of fire protection systems, non-storage occupancy and special fire protection systems, power chain elements, boilers, asset integrity and several others.

Property Loss Prevention

December 15:

The IES has uploaded a consultation on BSR/IES RP-43-202x, Recommended Practice: Lighting Exterior Applications not yet uploaded onto its workspace.  CLICK HERE Page 14

Pathway Illumination

December 9:

Sustainable cities & communities

ANSI seeks a US TAG for ISO/TC 268 to replace NFPA

December 2:

Structural Design

2 December:

Despite anecdotes and hearsay we receive from other education communities, we do not see diminution in the US Census Bureau construction spend rate reflected in the data that we examine every month. We will revisit the several sources we used to assemble the $300 billion figure we estimated in 2016. It is likely that the facility annual spend rate is closer to $500 now. Keep this in mind when you see the $300 billion figure elsewhere in this site.

December 1:



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