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Readings / Materiality of Human Capital Metrics

  Materiality of Human Capital Metrics Lee S. Webster | University of Texas Medical Branch   Since the advent of scientific management in the late 19th century, investors have remained unpersuaded if not dismissive of human capital measures when determining the cumulative financial value of publicly traded companies. This reluctance stems from a perceived arbitrariness

Jul 21, 2019

Campus Fountains

From time to time we break from our primary interest in lowering the cost of our "cities-within-cities" to enjoy the work of our colleagues responsible for seasonal ambience. We have a dedicated post that celebrates the accomplishments of our gardeners and horticultural staff.  Today we dedicate a post to fountains--usually an emotional center of campus--and a place for reflection for which there is no price.

Jul 21, 2019

Readings / Model Aquatic Health Code

The education industry has significant aquatic facility assets. The Centers for Disease Control distributes this document as guidance for the purpose of assisting state and local health departments, aquatic facility inspection programs, building officials, the aquatics sector, and other interested parties in improving the health and safety at public aquatic facilities.

Jul 21, 2019

Readings / Cost-effectiveness of Commercial Energy Code Changes

A great deal of the technical substance informing proposals for the next revision of the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) originates in a technical report published by U.S. Department of Energy; Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy in 2015. [Comments on proposed revisions to the IECC are due July 24th]

Jul 21, 2019

Service requirements for distance learning

We follow the gathering pace of international distance learning enterprises with particular interest in its technical foundation for quality and availability.  ITU Recommendation F.742 provides the service description and the requirements for distance learning services. This Recommendation is intended to support the multimedia framework for distance learning services.  @IEEECampus

Jul 20, 2019

Food Safety

Schools, colleges, universities (residence halls, athletic venues, hospitals, etc) all have significant food preparation enterprises. NSF International -- founded at the University of Michigan in 1948 -- is one of the first names in this space and has since developed an international presence. Standards setting committee meetings are hosted online frequently. [ The next face-to-face meetings will be hosted in Ann Arbor in July 2019]

Jul 20, 2019

Readings / Sherman Act of 1890

Formally administered standards development meetings begin with a reminder that stakeholders shall not engage in activity that locks out competitors. In faster moving technologies, such as electrotechnologies, the pace of innovation is swift and it is often difficult for incumbent interests* to avoid locking out competitors.

Jul 20, 2019

Tree Care

The condition of campus gardens, tree and landscaping is a central element of ambiance, brand identify, environmental instruction and even legacy revenue.  Anything having to do with trees arouses passions among nearly everyone in the education industry. The Tree Care Industry Association is involved in each of these dimensions of tree care and has released a draft tree care standard now open for public review [Comments are due July 29th]

Jul 20, 2019

Food Safety Management

The food supply chain repeatedly crosses national boundaries. Regardless of college town insurgencies to "buy local", the practical reality is that food safety systems must be inter-operable in the emergent #SmartCampus because blockchain technology will make it so. Awareness of the global food safety standards by education industry will ensure the safety of its food service enterprises. @AFNOR @ASABEorg #StandardsMichigan

Jul 20, 2019
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