Standards Alabama

Athens High School | Limestone County Alabama

Tuskegee University

University of Alabama


Alabama is home to several colleges and universities with historic and architecturally significant buildings:

University of Alabama:

Denny Chimes: A 115-foot tall campanile (bell tower) on the university’s Quad, built in 1929.Gorgas House: Constructed in 1829, it’s one of the oldest buildings on campus and served as the university’s first library.

Auburn University:

Samford Hall: This iconic building, completed in 1888, serves as the university’s administration building.
Langdon Hall: Built in 1846, it’s the university’s oldest building and has been used for various purposes throughout its history.

Tuskegee University:

Booker T. Washington’s Home: This historic site is the home of the university’s founder, Booker T. Washington. It’s preserved as a museum.

Birmingham-Southern College:

Hillman Hall: This historic building, completed in 1929, is the centerpiece of the college’s campus.

Spring Hill College:

St. Joseph Chapel: A beautiful historic chapel on the campus, built in the 1860s.
Huntingdon College:

Flowers Hall: An iconic building on the campus, constructed in 1903, which houses various academic departments.


Beauregard High School | Lee County Alabama

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