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Construction Cameras

This is what ~$80 billion of annual construction spend looks like (not including alteration and/or renovation of existing existing building square footage).




Sample of links to construction cameras overlooking education industry building projects:


July  2020

High School Construction

Surprise Lake Middle School

Galt Joint Union High School

University of Arizona

June  2020

Clemson College of Business

Purdue University

Creighton University

Longwood University

May  2020

University of Iowa Stanley Museum of Art

University of St. Thomas Minnesota

University of Houston

Indiana University Luddy Center for Artificial Intelligence

April  2020

Construction in US schools, colleges, universities and hospitals have fallen silent because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

March 2020

Brown University

University of Notre Dame

University of Arizona

Indiana University

University of Michigan

February 2020

Clemson College of Business

Virginia Commonwealth University College of Engineering Building

Purdue University ABE Building

Auburn University


Brown University

Clemson University

Indiana University

Liberty University

Loma Linda University

Michigan State University

Oregon State University

Princeton University

South Dakota State University

Stanford University

Syracuse University

University of Arizona

University of Arkansas

University of California Berkeley

University of Houston

University of Illinois

University of Iowa

University of Kentucky

University of Miami

University of Notre Dame

University of Michigan

University of Tennessee

University of Vermont

University of Virginia

Washington University

Wayne State University

….More coming; or you may find the same yourself with a simple search using keyword “university construction camera”.  Keep in mind that as construction projects are completed, the cameras are removed.   Some organizations purchase construction camera services which also enlighten understanding of the ferocious pace of education industry construction:  Oxblue: Picture a better jobsite

We believe, and have solid evidence to demonstrate, that we can reduce the cost of building and maintaining the building environment of the education services sector with assertive advocacy in consensus and open source standards.   That would be $1.6 billion of avoided cost.   In any industry other than the education industry, $1.6 billion of avoided cost is meaningful.  The difficulty we face, however, is that working to reduce cost is not as tangible as working to increase revenue.   It is difficult to count, and ascertain, something that does not happen.  “A penny saved is a penny earned” generally does not apply to the education industry and you have the exponential increase in the cost of education in the US as proof.

Additionally, of the $300 billion spent on administration, operations and maintenance, another 1 percent can be removed simply by using consensus standards processes to reduce redundancy and destructive competition.

Please log on to our live link any day at 11 AM Eastern time to discuss details.




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