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Laboratory Safety & Sustainability Standards

University of Calcutta


Status check on standards action that guide laboratory safety and sustainability in all building disciplines.    There are about ten standards developers in this space and they do not all move in a coordinated manner among themselves; much less from state-to-state.  Anyone is welcomed to join this teleconference with the login information below.  For an agenda, please join our mailing list.

Teleconference Login Information

Energy Standards

Review of all consensus, consortia and open source codes, standards and regulations regarding energy production and conservation relevant to the education facility industry.

Faculty and staff in the education industry in all nations provide basic research, application research in energy technologies.  The “cities-within-cities” we call the #SmartCampus” also provide crucibles for new testing new technologies as well as provide energy load for utilities operating under all ownership regimes.

Send an email for an advance agenda.

Grounds / Landscaping / Snow

Overview of the status of consensus documents that set the standard of care for the safety and sustainability of the campus outdoor environment.

Finance & Management

Today we provide an overview of the titles, scopes, revision cycles and public commenting opportunities on leading practice documents presented by accredited consensus standards developers, trade associations and government agencies involved in the finance of the US education industry.  Use the login credentials at the top right of our home page.  For an draft agenda, send a request to

Federal & State Regulations

116th Congress

Today we walk-through of consensus, open-source and consortia codes and standards incorporated by reference into federal and state regulations of the education industry; including #StandardsState.  Send a request to for an advance agenda.

Food Safety Standards

Food Science & Technology / University of California Davis

Overview of codes and standards relevant to the food service enterprises in K-12 schools, college and university student housing, athletic venues and university-affiliated healthcare systems.

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