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“The Country School” | Winslow Homer

Can you imagine a more dreary subject than

regulatory risk leadership and management? 


Enterprises in the business of reducing the cost of the secondary purpose of the academy need to brighten things up a bit.  Reducing cost to build and operate public assets is never as glamorous as making money; a feature of the financial sector that insurance companies have managed with lighthearted campaigns.  AFLAC uses a duck.   GEICO uses a caveman and a lizard.  Progressive Insurance uses a lady in white.  Standards Michigan does it with publicly available photographs or renderings of the character of these “cities-within-cities” near the center of cultural and commercial life in every nation.

With our selection of images, we honor the settings and accomplishments of our colleagues in all colleges, universities and school districts.   Of the five images we select every week one image features a college, university or school district from Michigan, one image from an international institution, and the remaining three from  institutions of all sizes and affiliations within the United States.   Sometimes we make exceptions to the general rule based upon which institution may be in the news.

We do our best to be respectful of intellectual property rights.  Consensus standards are, after all, intellectual property.   To the furthest extend possible we provide direct links to pages and documents that reside on organizational servers; we have plenty of content on our own servers.   Simply clicking on the image should redirect you to its source.

Many images are also intellectual property.  All images are obtained either from Wikimedia Commons or social media postings that are available royalty-free to the public at the time they were available.   We have technical constraints — such as a 1920 x 720 pixels and resolution — that dominate image selection consideration.  The vertical constraint of 720 pixels is a particular challenge.

We hope our visitors will not be shy about sending us their high resolution photos to showcase their accomplishments.


University of Texas Austin (Rendering of New Facility Under Construction) | February 15, 2019

McGill University | Photo by Sangham Chouchan | February 13, 2019

Christopher Newport University | Robert Benson | February 2, 2019

Hillsdale College | January 31, 2019

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences |  Dr. Jeff Stambough | January 20, 2019

University of Michigan Indoor Athletic Facility | January 3, 2019

 Auburn University Photographic Services | December 20, 2018

University of Wisconsin Department of Dairy Science | November 21, 2017

Los Angeles Recording School | October 27, 2018

Tuskeegee University Chapel | Christopher Stone | October 14, 2018

École Polytechnique | Ph. Lavialle | October 10, 2018

Cambridge University | Photo by Sir Cam | October 4, 2018

The Juilliard School Photo by Chris Cooper | September 29, 2018

Bowdoin College Museum of Art | Photo by Blind Dog Photography | September 23, 2018

Cape Fear Community College | Photo by Edifice General Contractors  | September 14, 2018

Columbia University | Photo by Michael Valdez | September 11, 2018

Iona College | Wikimedia Photo Use Compliance | August 25, 2018

Tufts University Tennis Courts | John Phelan | August 18, 2018

Santa Monica High School | Wikimedia Photo Use Compliance | August 7, 2018

Olivet College | Wikimedia Photo Use Compliance | August 4, 2018

Wake Forest University | Photo by Susan Sharpless Smith | July 22, 2018

Mahidol University, Thailand | July 10, 2018

Michigan State University Healing Garden | Photo by “Jordan N.” | July 9, 2018

Chapel at the University of the Incarnate Word | Photo by Stuart Seeger | June 24, 2018

University of Colorado | Photo by Glenn Asakawa on Facebook | May 23, 2018

Dominican University | Wikimedia Creative Commons  | May 20, 2018

Belmont University | Photo by Andrew Pickle | May 2, 2018

George Mason University | Photo by Evan Cantwell | March 28, 2018

University of Kansas | Photo by Andy White | March 23, 2018

Berklee College of Music | Photo by Mike Spencer Photography | March 2, 2018 

Norges Teknisk-Naturvitenskapelige Universitet | Photo by Thomas Skogestad | February 15, 2018

University library of Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest | Photo by Tamás Thaler | February 14, 2018

McGill University | Photo by Sangham Chouchan | January 31, 2018

Harvard University Annenberg Hall | Photo by Harvard Staff Photographer Kris Snibbe| January 13, 2018

Harvard University Business School | Photo by Harvard Facilities & Operations | January 5, 2018

University of Chicago | Rob Kozloff (January 10, 2017)

Columbia University | Eileen Barrosso (January 18, 2017)

Bristol Community College | Kylie Pasternak (May 1, 2017)

University of Nottingham | Mattbuck (June 12, 2017)

University of California Long Beach Walter Pyramid | Summum (June 25, 2017)

Stanford University Windhover | Interior Design Magazine | July 31, 2016

Universidad de Barcelona | Ricardo Patino | October 29, 2017

Berry College | Lauren Neumann | November 22, 2017

Mount Holyoke College | Mina Georgieva | November 21, 2017

Fort Lewis College | Evan Wick | December 9, 2017

Image selection is based solely upon the art and quality of the image.  Standards is a dreary topic and anything we can do to brighten and enlighten how standards effect every aspect of our lives; all to the better.  Image selection does not either imply an endorsement or intended to suggest a shortcoming in safety or sustainability.

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