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Date & Time: Representations For Information Interchange

“A Philosopher Lecturing on the Orrery” | Joseph Wright (1766)

Most nations follow the day/month/year format (07/01/19 for January 7, 2019, for example), but the United States adheres to its own format of month/day/year (1/7/19 or 1/7/2019).   The potential for misinterpreting dates across national boundaries is the logic for ISO 8601:2019 – Data Elements And Interchange Formats – Information Interchange – Representation Of Dates And Times, the ISO format for dates represents year, month, and day from the largest unit to the smallest, most specific unit of time.  The ISO date format is the date format used in SQL and is the default date setting on many computers.

ISO 8601-1:2019 Date And Time – Representations For Information Interchange – Part 1: Basic Rules



Time and Date

How the ISO Date Format Tells Today

ISO Date Format

Date and time formats used in HTML

Making Greenwich the centre of the world


“It Can’t Happen Here” 1935 Sinclair Lewis

Time cognition, measurement and conformance to tradition shapes educational settlements:

  • The development of standardized time zones, which became more widespread in the 19th century with the advent of the railroad and telegraph, influenced urban planning and architecture. Cities needed to coordinate schedules and activities, affecting the layout and design of public spaces, transportation hubs, buildings and the movement of children.
  • The invention and widespread adoption of clocks and watches allowed for more precise timekeeping. This precision influenced the synchronization of activities, schedules, and, consequently, the design of buildings and public spaces. It also impacted the design of interiors, with spaces allocated for timepieces in classrooms and athletic events.
  • What is now identified as the Industrial Revolution introduced a more rigid and standardized work schedule; including the time set aside for formal education away from the family kitchen table.

Traditional High School Bell Schedule

Campus planners incorporate temporal elements into their  design itself, creating spaces that change over time. This might involve the play of light and shadow during different times of the day or the use of materials that weather and evolve over the years.


Today we account for our work in shaping the best practice literature for time standards relevant to educational settlements.   Use the login credentials at the upper right of our home page.


Mechanical Clock from 1895 Still Ticking

Time & Frequency Services

Date & Time: Representations For Information Interchange


University of Michigan

Western University Ontario

Trinity College

Mississippi State University


Shelton State Community College Alabama

Winona State University

Oklahoma City Community College

University of Illinois

Bucknell University Pennsylvania

St. Francis Xavier College Missouri

University of Mississippi

University of North Dakota

University of Montana

Gardner-Webb University North Carolina

University of California Berkeley

Auburn University Alabama


Indiana University

Sam Houston State University Texas

Otago University New Zealand

Hillsdale College Michigan


ISO 8601:2004 Data elements and interchange formats — Information interchange — Representation of dates and times

National Institute of Science & Technology: Time and Frequency

National Institute of Science & Technology: Current Reliability of the WWVB Time Code

NFPA 72 National Fire Alarm & Signaling Code Chapter 23: Protected Premises Alarm and Signaling Systems


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“Fanfare for the Common Man”

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