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With the gathering pace of internationalization of the education industry, and the entry of new players from the for-profit sector, large research universities can and should be participants in the global standards stream. One of the difficulties that we have seen — after nearly 20 years of direct experience — is the difficulty in finding and funding  subject matter experts over a long period of time. Success in standards advocacy requires a very long runway — on the order of a decade. This is longer than the tenure of most college and university presidents. The business and facility managers who report to the Presidents are unable to sustain standards advocacy because the Presidents do not understand the significance of it; nor do they have the time or resources to do anything other than to run vast compliance departments.

Investments over a long period of time are not unusual in many industries (such as the pharmaceutical, energy, and manufacturing industries) and it is somewhat ironic that one of the industries that is virtually guaranteed to survive in time frames like this participates so little. Standards Michigan has been advocating the user interest for over 25 years and the results can be widely shared. (See ABOUT) While we continue reconstruction of the original @StandardsUMICH enterprise on this site, a few videos that explain global standards action are linked below.

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