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History of the American National Standards Institute


History of the American National Standards Institute

April 29, 2018
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With a revisit of federal education policy high on the agenda of the new administration it is enlightening to observe how consensus standards accredited by ANSI are incorporated by reference into federal legislation generally, and specifically into business enterprises of the higher education industry.   The Higher Education Opportunity Act of 1965 is the parent legislation for almost all economic activity in the education industry.   The reauthorization of this legislation in 1998 — a year after the passage of the National Technology Transfer and Advancement Act – specifically identifies the American National Standards Institute as a consensus standards developer for use in financial enterprises in the US education industry.

Backgrounder on the Higher Education Reauthorization Act of 1998

Of course, ANSI is more widely recognized for its convening role with the National Institute of Standards and Technology in the governance of US technology innovation and regulation.  Identical public-private partnerships that deliver value in technological transformations can also deliver value to our business and financial enterprises in the emergent era of e-government and streaming regulation.

At the University of Michigan Ross Business School in September 2015, CEO of ANSI  S. Joe Bhatia explains education industry cost management w/ standards


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