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Climatic Data for Building Design


Climatic Data for Building Design

May 23, 2020
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“Impression, Sunrise” (1872) | Claude Monet

The American Society of Heating & Refrigeration Engineers has released an adddenda to its consensus product — ASHRAE 169 Climatic Data for Building Design Standards.  This standard was created to provide a comprehensive source of climate data for those involved in building design.   ASHRAE 169 includes a variety of climatic information used primarily in the design, planning, and sizing of building energy systems and equipment. ASHRAE anticipates that the information within will represent a valuable resource for referencing in building design standards

A 21-page addendum has been released and open for comment.  Large parts of it contains updated climatic data.  You may access it at the link below:

Public Review Draft Standards / Online Comment Database

Comments are due May 25th. 

The ASHRAE suite moves swiftly; often every 30 to 45 days; this document among its continuous maintenance products.  We keep all ASHRAE consensus products on the standing agenda of our Mechanical Engineering and Energy teleconferences.  See our CALENDAR for the next online meeting; open to everyone.

Issue: [19-149]

Category: Mechanical, Electrical, Energy, Facility Asset Management

Colleagues:  David Conrad, Richard Robben, Larry Spielvogel

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