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Electric Vehicle Energy Management

CSA Group is largely a conformance and compliance organization, which means that its business model depends heavily on revenue generation through the creation of standards. Conformance organizations are the strongest businesses in the global standards system. The user-interest -- especially the user-interest in the education industry -- is no where to be found except here at Standards Michigan.


Electric Vehicle Energy Management

July 1, 2020
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Edison electric vehicle | National Park Service, US Department of the Interior

The Canadian counterpart to the American National Standards Institute provides a platform for public comment on its consensus products:

CSA Group Draft Review

The platform provides an intuitive way into a draft standard and a way to comment upon it.

Today we take note of a product farther up the pipeline regarding electric vehicles.  Earlier this year the CSA Group (CSA America Standards Inc.) has given public notice of its intent to develop a new standard to be titled: CSA C22.2 Electric Vehicle Energy Management Systems.  From the ANSI New Project Initiation Notification announcement:

Project Need: CSA Group has been approached by the industry to develop standards and technical requirements for the deployment and safe operations of EVEMS within the Canadian regulatory structure and utility requirements. This project is intended to address this need and the existing gap in the standards required for the operation of EVEMS.

Stakeholders: Regulators, manufacturers, utilities, and industry associations.

With the rapidly growing penetration of Electric Vehicles (EVs), there is an increased demand to develop technology to support the efficient and safe charging of the vehicles with less impacts on the current electrical distribution infrastructure during peak charging times. In addition to managing the demand for electricity, EVs can become energy storage devices for the grid. This possibility raises the need to view EVs and related charging equipment as an Electric Vehicle Energy Management System (EVEMS). An EVEMS is a means of controlling electric vehicle supply equipment loads comprised of any of the following: a monitor(s), communications equipment, a controller(s), a timer(s) and other applicable device(s). Today there is no clear standard or guideline to help define the safe operations of an EVEMS although individual standards exist for some of the components within the EVEMS.

The announcement was filed in February 2019.   CSA Group has only filed formal notification required in ANSI’s due process requirements*.   

The project is on our watch list.  Many research universities are on the receiving end of electric vehicle research projects and also have large campus transportation fleets that are converting to electric vehicles.   Should any public review drafts be released we typically coordinate our response with the IEEE Education & Healthcare Facilities Committee which meets online 4 times monthly.

CSA Group consensus products are also on the standing agenda of our periodic Global teleconferences; open to everyone.  See our CALENDAR for the next online meeting.

University of Ottawa

Issue: [19-60]

Category: Administration & Management, Electrical, Energy, Facility Asset Management, International, Transportation & Parking, #SmartCampus

Colleagues: Mike Anthony, Lorne Clark, Nehad El Sherif, Jim Harvey, Abra O’Leary

Source: ANSI Standards Action


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