2017 National Electrical Code § 110.5 | Standards Michigan

2017 National Electrical Code § 110.5

We would like to acknowledge the help of the leadership of the National Electrical Contractors Association for helping the user-interest in the education facilities industry get this across the "finish line". Specifically the late John Minick (NEMA) and NECA's present Director of Standards and Safety Michael Johnston.


2017 National Electrical Code § 110.5

August 10, 2021

Christel Hunter explains a significant change in the 2017 National Electrical Code (NEC).   Getting two words changed in Section 110.5 of the NEC may not seem to be as disruptive a concept as it really is.   For the emergent #SmartCampus, use of aluminum wiring — especially for lengthy medium voltage feeders — presents the possibility of more economically feasible backup feeders which, in the case of university-affiliated medical research and healthcare delivery enterprises, can be worth millions of dollars per minute when forced outage restoration times are reduced. with the energization of a “backup swing feeder”.

Aluminum wiring — when installed according to specification — reduces the material cost of building premise wiring by 2/3rd’s.

Issue: [11-28]

Category: Electrical

Colleagues: Mike Anthony, Jim Harvey, Richard Robben

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