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NFPA 2020 Concepts


This is a landing page for advocacy in the 2020 revision of the National Electrical Code





NFPA FPRF REPORT-Branch-Circuit-Loading-Phase1-FINAL

Plug Load Videos

CMP-4 : Article 230 PI (Link to CMP4 Technical Committee)

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CMP-5 : Article 250 PI (Link to CMP5 Technical Committee)

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CMP-15: Article 517 PI (Link to CMP15 Technical Committee)

Code-Making Panel 15 (NEC-P15)

Principal Votes: (15)

Intertek Testing Services | R/T

American Society of Healthcare Engineering | User

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers | User

NFPA Healthcare Secti0n | User

International Association of Electrical Inspectors | Enforcement

Edison Electric Institute | Utility

Applied Research/Testing Laboratory | R/T

International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees | Labor

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers | Labor

The Aluminum Association, Inc. | Manufacturer

National Electrical Manufacturers Association | Manufacturer

Independent Electrical Contractors, Inc. | Installer/Maintainer

National Electrical Contractors Association | Installer/Maintainer

US Institute for Theatre Technology, Inc. | Manufacturer

International Association of Electrical Inspectors | Enforcement, Voting Alternate


CMP-15 TG 2 Workflow v1 110517 Populated (1)

This link is referenced in CMP-15 public input:


NFPA 2020 Public Input Mike Anthony Standards Michigan File 16-102

 CMP-15 Update from Steve Lipster 12 November 2017

CMP-15 Update from Steve Lipster 12 November 2017 Second Meeting Report

CMP – 15 TG 2 Rightsizing Discussion Group Action on Article 517 PI.docx (Draft panel responses)

(Updated Wednesday, November 22)

Jason’s Memorandum (1)

Jason’s Monograph

Mazzetti Plug Process Loads Report

NREL End Use Load study

LBNL Hospital End Use Load research


2020 NEC CMP-15 Rightsizing Concepts

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