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September 21, 2020


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Our algorithm smashes horizontally through an expanding constellation best practice literature released by 1000-odd standard setting organizations every day.  These organizations throw off the better part of 10,000 titles relevant to the safety and sustainability agenda of education communities.  Many of these titles (consensus products) compete with proposals on in same, or similar domain, produced by cash-rich insiders (market-makers) at all levels of government.

The education industry in the United States is vulnerable to market-making; described at length in our ABOUT.  Education is the foundational industry for every industry; in every nation.  Every technology, every management philosophy and every hope for the future runs through it.  Once you have mastered the drudgery of making sense of all the codes, standards, recommended practices, guidance documents and similar best practice literature you are in the best position to innovate, to drive leading practice into the industry; now undergoing singular disruption.

Our raison d’être is doing; rather than teaching.  We hold daily teleconferences out of respect for the intellectual property of standards setting organizations and the blistering pace of consensus product development; much of it inspired by conformance business models.

We have been meeting online every day to reckon with these business models since 2013 and it works for “code writing-and vote-getting; a discipline distinct from the economic activity of all other non-profits in this domain.   There is no substitute for getting data-driven ideas discussed by an open and balanced technical committee that conforms to §2.3 Due Process Requirements for American National Standards.  Absent the US Standards Strategy incumbent stakeholders will make their markets in legislative bodies — summer interns prepping for “jobs in the political and administrative processes of government” in Congress, for example.

The American National Standards Institute has a standards education enterprise that we recommend: Training Courses in Standardization & Related Matters.   The education programs offered by the Geneva global standardization bodies are linked below:

IEC Academy & Capacity Building

ISO Training in International Standardization

ITU Training Overview

Several universities offer formal for-credit courses in standardization; most of them outside the United States.

In recent years we have tracked the emergence of several non-profit standards evangelizing organizations who are paid to spread the Word about standardization for incumbent stakeholders.   There are are fair number of them now —  curating standardization content — as a simple web search will reveal.  These non-profits do not engage in the heavy lifting required by the “code-writing and vote-getting” we explain in our ABOUT.  They may be a good source for citizens of education communities who want to know what is happening among people on the public policy grid.



Monday | September 21 | Laboratories | 4-GMT

Standing Agenda / Laboratories


Tuesday | September 22 | Infotech | 4-GMT

Standing Agenda / Infotech


Wednesday | September 23 | Nota Bene | 4-GMT

Live public consultation that close within 30-45 days.

Standing Agenda / Nota Bene


Thursday | September 24 | Dental & Nursing | 4-GMT

Standing Agenda / Dental & Nursing


Friday | September 21 | Lively Arts | 4-GMT

Media production audio visual

Standing Agenda / Lively Arts







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*Not all public consultation relevant to education community spaces appear in “ANSI Standards Action”. Many best practice standards reside in consortia and open-source platforms; particularly ICT and IoT standards. In many economic spaces, privately-developed consensus products compete with local, state and federal legislative proposals.


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