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November 30, 2021

“Landscape at the First Rays of the Sun” 1940 Luigi Russolo

Autumn Syllabus Week 48 | November 29 – December 5

Our daily colloquia are typically doing sessions; with non-USA titles receiving priority until 16:00 UTC and all other titles thereafter.  We assume policy objectives are established (Safer-Simpler-Lower-Cost, Longer-Lasting).   Because we necessarily get into the weeds, and because much of the content is time-sensitive and copyright protected, we usually schedule a separate time slot to hammer on technical specifics so that our response to consultations are meaningful and contribute to the goals of the standards developing organization and to the goals of education community real assets.

We have been doing it this way every day since 2013 and this way works.  We are respectful of the intellectual property of standards-developing organizations.  We are attentive to requirements for confidentiality; especially in the case of unstable (draft) titles.

Keep in mind that the American National Standards Institute administers a relatively small part of standards-setting in the United States.  (Click here for a complete list; updated monthly.  A great deal of ANSI resources are devoted to supporting members that run “conformance shops” essential to safe and fair trade.  Other standards setting is done by governments, open-source, and other ad hoc consortia.

The culture of the standards-setting domain in every nation rests upon the culture of conformance.  “Standards are the seed corn for conformance revenue” we are fond of saying and most of the expertise in the standards setting domain rests with people who make a living making sure others conform to the standard; whatever that standard may be.  Conformance (product testing, installation certification, periodic re-commissioning and audits, etc.) is where the money is so we should not be surprised at the degree to which the user-interest (represented by the third gray column in our logo) is outnumbered.

That much said, having the global standards system is better than not having one at all.  This system places a check on oligarchies that make central governments grow.


0. Leviathan.   [10,793] bills introduced as of [November 30]  Source: CONGRESS.GOV

Rolling window of legislative proposals of the 117th Congress relevant to education communities.

United States Constitution 10th Amendment

1.*  Nota Bene (Consultation close dates 30-45 days).  There is only modest similarity in the public consultation platforms of ANSI accredited standards developers; hence the need to partition consultation notices between notices that require immediate response and those that permit more time.  The ANSI List of Continuous Maintenance Standards Developers identifies 25-odd ANSI members who release consultations with the shortest possible public review period.

Many of the links below will not redirect you to a coded commenting form.  Most content is time sensitive, copyright protected and technically difficult — our primary reasons for hosting daily colloquia that features the topics identified on our CALENDAR.

Open consultations from the World Trade Organization (via NIST):

Standards Coordination Office | USA WTO TBT Enquiry Point    (The above-average tranche of consultations may reflect recovery from the circumstances of the pandemic.  In other words, the proficiency of regulators and standards administrators working from home seems to gather pace. )

American National Standards Institute

Proposed Revisions to the Current (2019) ANSI International Procedures (January 14)

Stakeholder information gathering for ANSI Response to Proposed Standards Administration of China for “Intelligent Training System for Vehicle Driving” (December 31) [SURVEY]

Workspace / ISO   N.B. We interact with the ISO through ANSI; though we collaborate with experts at several universities in other nations through the IEEE.  

National Institute of Standards and Technology

NIST Seeks Information on Chinese Participation in the International Standards Development Process (December 6)

NIST Seeks Public Input on Consumer Software Labeling for Cybersecurity (December 16)

Open consultations the next 30-45 days from ANSI Continuous Maintenance Standard Development Organizations.  See Canadian Parliamentary Debate RE: Incorporation by Reference for enlightened discussion about short consultation periods for enforceable public safety titles; and the hazards of “open” automatic drafting versus “closed” drafting of public safety legislation.

1A. American Gas Association  Lorem ipsum

1B. American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (St. Joseph, Michigan).  [ASABE Workspace] N.B. ASABE is ANSI’s US Technical Advisory Group chair for ISO the Global Secretariat for the ISO/TC 34 Food Products.

Fifteen, largely agricultural product titles, open for review until January 3, 2022

1C. ASC X9   

– X9.121 Balance and Transaction Reporting Standard (BTRS) Version 3.1 (BTR3) (November 22)

1D. ASHRAE  (Owing to the speed of change in ASHRAE’s catalog, we identify only a selection.  N.B. NEW ASHRAE WORKSPACE )

– Standard Representation of Performance Simulation Data for HVAC&R and Other Facility Equipment

– 189.1 Standard for the Design of High-Performance Green Buildings Except for Low-Rise Residential Buildings.

– 90.1 Simplified Building Compliance Path in Section 6.3. (December 5) | Looks like a proposal to legislate design judgment.

– 90.1 Adds minimum efficiency requirements for large-diameter ceiling fans.  (December 5) | Looks like a product standard.

– 90.1 Appropriation of California Title 24, Part 6 compressed air regulations (December 5)

– 90.1 More lighting power density changes (December 5)

– 90. 1 Proposed changes to on-site photovoltaic system parameter for Temperature Coefficient of Power described in Section 11, Table 11.5.1, Part 15, required to determine the amount of on-site renewable energy to be included in the Energy Cost Budget when a Proposed Design does not include an on-site renewable energy system. The updated value, -0.35%/ °C corresponds to a 19% efficient solar panel, which is the standard value since 90.1-2019. (December 5)

90.1 The first public review draft of Addendum cb modified the Title, Purpose, and Scope (TPS) to apply to areas outside of the physical building Page 68 (December 19)  [SURVEY]

1E.  American Society of Mechanical Engineers  Our priority lies with the elevator, piping and boiler titles. C&S Tools:

A17.1-20XX/B44-XX, Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators (November 22)

Twenty-odd stabilized titles open for consultation until December 7.  CLICK HERE (Pages 29-34) for product titles open for consultation until December 22.

1F. ASTM International

ASTM usually unloads stabilized titles in 10-100 batches with consultation periods 30-45 days.  CLICK HERE for this week’s tranche; all of them stabilized with consultations closing December 20.

Another tranche of about 50 stabilized titles have been released for consultation ending December 20.  CLICK HERE for this week’s tranche.

1G. CTA  Lorem ipsum

1H. Green Building Initiatives   Lorem ipsum. This organization seems devoted primarily to harvesting conformance revenue from incumbent standards developers in the energy conservation domain.

1J.  HL7 (Ann Arbor Michigan).

– V3 CTS R2  This document describes the requirements for the representation, access, and maintenance of terminology content. This release is now aligned with the terms and definitions present with the Core Principles and Properties of HL7 Version 3 Models. Other enhancements based on implementation experience not impacting the functional scope were added as were clarifications on the minimal requirements to meet various HL7 CTS2 conformance profiles.  (December 20)

1K.  Illumination Engineering Society  We coordinate our response to IES consultations with the IEEE Education & Healthcare Facilities Committee.

Lorem ipsum

1L. International Code Council (Not a continuous maintenance standards developer but concepts move through titles quickly so we park some time-sensitive information here)

November 30 meeting agenda and reference materials

BCAC #28 Agenda 11-30-2021

BCAC ADM Report Group B 11-24-2021 comb

1M.  InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standards

Stakeholders have an opportunity to participate in the development in these titles farther upstream the IEC public consultation process.  We work close coupled with several IEEE Societies on technical issues and sweep through them 4 times monthly with the IEEE Education & Healthcare Facilities Committee.

Seventeen stabilized ISO/JTC 1 titles open for consultation until December  7 (Pages 45-40).  Referred also to IEEE E&H

– INCITS/ISO/IEC 21836 Information technology – Data centres – Server energy effectiveness metric (December 18)

– Twenty (20) stabilized titles have been released for comment until January 4th.  CLICK HERE to access.


MG 1 Motors and Generators (December 6)

1O.  NSF International (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

– 49 Biosafety Cabinetry: Design, Construction, Performance, and Field Certification.  RE: Airflow smoke patterns test (December 12)

– 50 Equipment and Chemicals for Swimming Pools, Spas, Hot Tubs, and Other Recreational Water Facilities.  RE: Harmonization with DIN EN-1177-2018, Impact attenuating playground surfacing – Methods of test for determination of impact
attenuation.  (December 12)

1P.  SAE International (Troy, Michigan ). Covered generally during our Mobility colloquium.   Lorem ipsum

1Q.  TIA

– 942-B-1 Telecommunications  Infrastructure Standard for Data Centers (December 13)

1R.  UL  [Workspace] Since UL is primarily a conformance organization and a nationally recognized testing laboratory, much of its catalog is product standard.  Those titles that involve interoperability primarily we refer to IEEE Industrial Applications Society technical committees.   That much said, UL has unloaded about 20 relatively stabilized titles with consultation close dates of December 19-20

– 2202 Standard for Safety for DC Charging Equipment for Electric Vehicles (January 3)

2. ANSI ISO and USNC/IEC Consultations

ANSI seeks comments from US stakeholders on proposed new field of ISO technical activity for Menstrual Products.  Consultation closes November 19th
– ISO/TC 304 Healthcare organization management – American National Requirements for Patient-Centered Staffing.
– ISO/CD 5741 for Pandemic Response for Temporary Medical Facility.  Comments due 19 November
– New Work Item Proposal for ISO 9001 Policing Organizations by the Standards Council of Canada.   Query Steve Cornish ( for the prospectus.
– ICYMI We did not submit comments on the NWIP from Svenska institutet för standarder for ISO/PC 325 .   The project covers products in growing, widespread use in education communities.  We did, however, discuss it during our Global colloquium

3USNC/IEC Consultations

– USNC/IEC Strategic Group (SG) 12: Digital Transformation and Systems Approach needs experts.

IEC 60364 Low-voltage electrical installations

CEN & CENELEC Work Programme 2021

4. Log of Proposals and Comments on Public Consultations and Federal Regulations

N.B. We are in the process of converting legacy University of Michigan workspaces that were built from Classic Google Sites to the upgraded Google Sites.  Some links may be broken during the conversion.

5. Fast Forward (Accredited, Open-Source and Consortia Consultations with close dates beyond 45 days)

Fast Forward

6. Rewind

Slide decks from October ANSI Company Member Forum:

ANSI 2021 CMF-Tretler_20211013 International

ANSI WSW 2021 Standards as Digital Data Rupert

ANSI CMF WSW 2021 – Ali slides

ANSI CMF WSW 2021 – Lippert slides RE USNA IEC

7. Calls & Letters

8. Corrigenda

Bermuda College | Paget Parish

International Standardization Organization Week Date


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