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February 25, 2021

Glasshouse Christian College Queensland

Our algorithm smashes horizontally through an expanding constellation of literature released by 1000-odd standard setting organizations worldwide every day.  These organizations throw off the better part of 10,000 titles relevant to the safety and sustainability agenda of education communities.  Many of these titles compete with proposals in the same, or in a similar domain as regulatory titles produced by incumbent verticals working the levers of government.  Those titles find their way into  public law.

The complexity of the global standards system benefits the interests who have the money to master it.  Labor, manufacturers, insurance and conformance organizations are the ruling oligarchy in the global standards system; same as it is in governments of every nation.  As we explain in our ABOUT; their free run of the markets is not their fault.  It is fault of the user-interest to participate in the private standards system.  That’s why we have our door open every day.

Our daily colloquia are typically doing sessions (or “mark up” sessions in the parlance of  functionaries on the Washington D.C. policy grid).   “Administrivia” is characteristic of the standardization domain; where an outsized measure of resources are spent on process and procedure.  During our doing colloquia we assume policy objectives are established (Safer-Simpler-Lower-Cost, Longer-Lasting).   Because we necessarily get into the weeds we usually have to schedule a separate time slot to hammer away over teleconferencing platforms.




Thursday | February 25

“The County Election” 1852 George Caleb Bingham

E pluribus unum

Friday | February 26

Six weeks into the 117th Congress and of the 1200+ House and Senate introductions we count 105 legislative proposals dealing with education communities; most of them reckoning with the circumstances of the pandemic.

One example is H.R. 386: Safe Routes to School Expansion Act which contemplates installation of infrastructure improvements, including sidewalks, crosswalks, signage, and bus stop shelters or protected waiting areas.  Arguably, the routes could be established along any path (assuming children and parents walk or drive or bike).  Perhaps there will be a need to develop a standard to establish such paths.

A fair amount of legislation dealing with education communities are challenged in court so it is wise to keep an eye on how the courts interpret the legislation.  Our focus is on prospective money flow through the physical infrastructure; with particular interest in market-making by vertical incumbents which we describe in our ABOUT.


Saturday | February 27

Sunday | February 28


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* Many best practice titles emerge from consortia and open-source platforms; especially so in information and communications technology domains.  In many economic spaces, privately-developed consensus products compete with local, state and federal legislative proposals.


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