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August 11, 2022

Programa de Verão Semana 32 | 8 de agosto – 14 de agosto

We sweep through the world’s three major time zones; updating our understanding of the literature at the technical foundation of education community safety and sustainability in those time zones 24 times per day. We generally eschew “over-coding” web pages to sustain speed, revision cadence and richness of content as peak priority.  We do not provide a search facility because of the time sensitivity of almost everything we do.

Our daily colloquia are typically doing sessions; with non-USA titles receiving priority until 16:00 UTC and all other titles thereafter.  We assume policy objectives are established (Safer-Simpler-Lower-Cost, Longer-Lasting).   Because we necessarily get into the weeds, and because much of the content is time-sensitive and copyright protected, we usually schedule a separate time slot to hammer on technical specifics so that our response to consultations are meaningful and contribute to the goals of the standards developing organization and to the goals of stewards of education community real assets.

1. Leviathan.  We find 15,828 bills and resolutions introduced into the United States Congress as of  11 August 2022  many of them titled in Orwellian Doublespeak with shocking disregard for the common sense of the American people.  Conversely, one might wonder why the “American People”; traditionally legal citizens of a federal democratic republic, persist in keeping those representatives in office.  Release of the 725 page Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 which few people are able to read in its entirety provides no better an example.  Feel free to examine it with search terms such as “school”, “college” or “university”.   The mind boggles.

Tracking federal legislative action provides a stroboscopic view of the cultural moment.  Arguably it is impossible to resolve technical problems without sensitivity to the cultural zietgeist now accelerating in education communities everywhere.

We typically post one federal and one state level consultation or action every day for at least one of the 50-states — in the lower right corner of our home page when most education communities in the United States have begun a new work day.

Leviathan 100

We post US state level standards action between 17:00 and +02:00 UTC every day in the lower right corner of our home page but the algorithm for consultation linkages will likely be lit until later in 2022.  Example:

2. ANSI ISO and USNC/IEC Business

Standards Administration of China proposal to ISO for Smart Distribution in Logistics Technical Committee (Comments receivable by ANSI until June 3)

Information Concerning: Sanctions 3/08/2022

China issues second call for public comment on draft version of Government Procurement Law (Consultation closes August 14)

July 2022 Government Relations and Public Policy Update

July 2022 ISO, IEC nd ITU Listings of Work Items Published

Standards Coordination Office | USA WTO TBT Enquiry Point 

ANSI List of Continuous Maintenance Standards Developers


Spring 2022

IEC General Meeting San Francisco October 31- November 4

Consultations (Some posted with IEEE Education & Healthcare Facilities Committee) | Direct access to primary workspace


3. Fast Forward  

Fast Forward

4. Rewind

5. Inbox

6. Calls & Letters

7. Corrigenda

International Standardization Organization Week Date

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