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January 18, 2022


Winter Week 3 | January 17 – 23

We sweep through the world’s three major time zones; updating our understanding of the literature relevant to the technical foundation of education community safety and sustainability in those time zones 24 times per day. We generally eschew “over-coding” our visual format to sustain speed and richness of content as peak priority.

Our daily colloquia are typically doing sessions; with non-USA titles receiving priority until 16:00 UTC and all other titles thereafter.  We assume policy objectives are established (Safer-Simpler-Lower-Cost, Longer-Lasting).   Because we necessarily get into the weeds, and because much of the content is time-sensitive and copyright protected, we usually schedule a separate time slot to hammer on technical specifics so that our response to consultations are meaningful and contribute to the goals of the standards developing organization and to the goals of stewards of education community real assets.

While we have been active in standards-setting since 1993 (See ABOUT) it was not until 2013 that we uploaded our content onto the content management system working now.  We are respectful of the intellectual property of standards-developing organizations.  We are attentive to requirements for confidentiality; especially in the case of unstable (draft) titles.

Our website will be looking a little janky until the end of January as we install new plug-ins and other features to make it run faster and to present content in a more useable format.  Much of the work we do requires re-synchronizing with changes on the 1000-odd other websites scanned by our algorithm.   Don’t be shy about giving us a heads up on broken links or other HTTP 404 errors.

1. Leviathan.  11, 461 bills and resolutions introduced as of 18 January 2022 

Syllabus: Leviathan 100

We post US state level standards action every day between 17:00 and +02:00 UTC every day in the lower right corner of our home page but the algorithm for consultation linkages will likely not be coded until later in 2022.  Example:

Standards Tennessee

2.*  Nota Bene (Starting 2022 to be merged with FAST FORWARD).  There is only modest similarity in the public consultation platforms of ANSI accredited standards developers; hence the need to partition consultation notices between notices that require immediate response and those that permit more time.  The ANSI List of Continuous Maintenance Standards Developers identifies 25-odd ANSI members who release consultations with the shortest possible public review period.

Many of the links below will not redirect you to a coded commenting form.  Most content is time sensitive, copyright protected and technically difficult — our primary reasons for hosting daily colloquia that features the topics identified on our CALENDAR.

Open consultations from the World Trade Organization (via NIST):

Standards Coordination Office | USA WTO TBT Enquiry Point    (The above-average tranche of consultations may reflect recovery from the circumstances of the pandemic.  In other words, the proficiency of regulators and standards administrators working from home seems to gather pace. ).  We find an outsized number of consultations for chemical products; not our primary domain.

Open consultations the next 30-45 days from ANSI Continuous Maintenance Standard Development Organizations.  See Canadian Parliamentary Debate RE: Incorporation by Reference for enlightened discussion about short consultation periods for enforceable public safety titles; and the hazards of “open” automatic drafting versus “closed” drafting of public safety legislation.

Please click on FAST FORWARD to follow content management re-organization.

American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (St. Joseph, Michigan).  [ASABE Workspace] N.B. ASABE is ANSI’s US Technical Advisory Group chair for ISO the Global Secretariat for the ISO/TC 34 Food Products.

Fifteen, largely agricultural product titles, open for review until January 3, 2022

ASC X9     Lorem ipsum

American Society of Mechanical Engineers  Our priority lies with the elevator, piping and boiler titles. C&S Tools:

Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials-International   Lorem ipsum

ASTM International

ASTM usually unloads stabilized titles in 10-100 batches with consultation periods 30-45 days.  CLICK HERE for this week’s tranche; all of them stabilized with consultations closing December 20.

Another tranche of about 50 stabilized titles have been released for consultation ending December 20.  CLICK HERE for this week’s tranche.

Consumer Technology Association  Lorem ipsum

CSA America Standards Lorem ipsum

Electronic Components Industry Association (Referrals to IEEE E&H)

Green Building Initiatives   Lorem ipsum. This organization seems devoted primarily to harvesting conformance revenue from incumbent standards developers in the energy conservation domain.

HL7 (Ann Arbor Michigan).  Lorem ipsum

Healthcare Standards Institute Lorem ipsum

IAMPO International Association of Plumbing & Mechanical Officials Lorem ipsum

International Code Council : 2021/2022 Code Development Schedule (Not a continuous maintenance standards developer but concepts move through titles quickly so we park some time-sensitive information here.  See FAST FORWARD for the bulk of ICC standards action)

Significant correspondence and worksheets.  See Inbox and ICC Workspace

 InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standards

Stakeholders have an opportunity to participate in the development in these titles farther upstream the IEC public consultation process.  We work close coupled with several IEEE Societies on technical issues and sweep through them 4 times monthly with the IEEE Education & Healthcare Facilities Committee.

– Twenty (20) stabilized titles have been released for comment until January 4th.  CLICK HERE to access.

National Contract Management Association  Lorem ipsum

NEMA   Lorem ipsum

SAE International (Troy, Michigan ). Covered generally during our Mobility colloquium.   Lorem ipsum

The Monitoring Association Lorem ipsum


UL  [Workspace] Since UL is primarily a conformance organization and a nationally recognized testing laboratory, much of its catalog is product standard.  Those titles that involve interoperability primarily we refer to IEEE Industrial Applications Society technical committees. 

3. ANSI ISO and USNC/IEC Consultations

ANSI seeks comments from US stakeholders on proposed new field of ISO technical activity for Menstrual Products.  Consultation closes November 19th
– ISO/TC 304 Healthcare organization management – American National Requirements for Patient-Centered Staffing.
– Ballot for ISO/CD 6028 – Pandemic Response – Functional requirements for Self-symptom Checker (January 5) [We will review comments submitted to the US TAG at the next Hello World? colloquium]

4USNC/IEC Consultations (Some posted with IEEE Education & Healthcare Facilities Committee)

IEC 60364 Low-voltage electrical installations

CEN & CENELEC Work Programme 2021

Direct access to primary workspace

International University of Sarajevo

5. Fast Forward (Accredited, Open-Source and Consortia Consultations with close dates beyond 45 days)

Fast Forward

6. Rewind

7. Inbox

8. Calls & Letters

9. Corrigenda

International Standardization Organization Week Date


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