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Open for Comment

July 14, 2020

This post is being re-coded to synchronize with our public consultation tracking algorithm. The technical substance is here but we are developing workarounds to idiosyncratic commenting platforms so that it is easier for our colleagues to interact with them.

Our algorithm smashes horizontally through an expanding constellation best practice literature emanating from 1000-odd standard setting organizations every day.  These 1000-odd developers throw off the better part of 10,000 titles relevant to the safety and sustainability agenda of education communities.  These products compete with national, state and local legislative proposals — many which are drafted by contractors retained by incumbent stakeholders.

A sample of the action of ANSI-accredited standards setting organizations can be found in the weekly  ANSI Standards Action.   This publication reveals a relatively small part of the standards setting domain, however.  Open source and consortia standards setting organizations dominate leading practice discovery in faster-moving technologies and have open-ended commenting periods; not unlike ANSI’s continuous maintenance process which permits changes in as little as 30 days.

Proposed changes to best practice literature relevant to education communities happen at a rate of 100 to 1000 times per day.  We pick from 10 to 100 of them on any given day; identifying titles we want to drill into, assign them a priority, then set up a separate markup session scaled to the level of interest.



Tuesday | July 14

We hear the first footfalls of a political clash between partisans of “classical infrastructure” projects (roads, bridges, sewers, etc.) — versus partisans of green energy projects (solar farms, windmills, nuclear, etc),  Education facility managers are advised by leadership to prepare lists of “shovel ready” projects ready for the college president.

During today’s three teleconferences — two IEEE E&H and one of our own at 11 AM/EDT — we should discuss the degree to which continued in investment in the physical campus is money well spent when the pandemic has proven that at least a double-digit amount of economic activity in the education industry can be off-loaded onto the internet.

Open for Comment / Power


Wednesday | July 15

Open for Comment / Global

Thursday | July 16

Open for Comment / Mobility

Friday | July 17

Open for Comment / Sport

Saturday | July 18

Polish Music School Orchestra

Friday | July 19

Polish Music School Orchestra

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*Not all public commenting opportunities relevant to the safety and sustainability agenda of the education facility industry appear in “ANSI Standards Action”. Many best practice standards reside in consortia and open-source platforms; particularly ICT and IoT standards. In many economic spaces, privately-developed consensus products compete with local, state and federal legislative proposals.


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