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Open for Comment

May 31, 2020
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This post is in the process of being re-coded to synchronize with our public commenting tracking algorithm. The technical substance is here but we are working to make it easier for our colleagues to keep pace and interact with it.

Our algorithm slices horizontally through an expanding universe of best practice literature (consensus products) of 1000-odd private sector standard setting organizations every day.  These 1000-odd developers throw off the better part of 10,000 consensus products relevant to the safety and sustainability agenda of education communities.  These products compete with national, state and local legislative proposals — many which are drafted by lobbying organizations , communication consultants, congressional staffers, elected representatives and student interns.

A characteristic of the standards-setting domain is the ferocious competition among partisans of “top-down” regulations, free-booting innovators aligned with consortia and open-source platforms and the public private partnerships contemplated in the United States Standards System.   Innovators, statesmen and red-tape makers in every nation know, instinctively, that in order for an innovation to succeed (in order for the “better way” to actually become the better way) the innovation needs market acceptance.   Accordingly, innovators are put through “pain points”.    What you find on our site every hour of every day could fairly be described as a journey through those pain points.

Most developed nations have statutes that recognize the primary efficacy of private standards setting organizations in leading practice discovery and promulgation.  See our coverage of the National Technology Transfer & Advancement Act.

A sample of the action of ANSI-accredited standards setting organizations can be found in the weekly  ANSI Standards Action.   This publication is a relatively small part of the standards setting domain, however.  Consortia standards have open-ended commenting periods.   We are able to respond to them in a somewhat organized fashion as you can see from the topical domains we schedule on our CALENDAR.

Sunday | May 31, 2020

St. Olaf College Choir

2020 Student Paper Competition

Monday | June 1, 2020

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Tuesday | June 2, 2020

Open for Comment / Power

Open for Comment / Information & Communications

Wednesday | June 3, 2020

The mind boggles at the number of education industry trade associations.   Every branch of the organization chart of the academic and business side of an educational community has a trade association that needs member dues, accreditation, training and special event hosting revenue.  A fair question to ask: To what extent are some of them redundant and driving up the cost of education?


Education Industry Trade Associations


Thursday | June 4, 2020

Open for Comment / Data

Friday | June 5, 2020

Open for Comment / Food



*Not all public commenting opportunities relevant to the safety and sustainability agenda of the education facility industry appear in “ANSI Standards Action”. Many best practice standards reside in consortia and open-source platforms; particularly ICT and IoT standards. In many economic spaces, privately-developed consensus products compete with local, state and federal legislative proposals.

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