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August 4, 2020

This post is being re-coded to synchronize with our public consultation tracking algorithm. The technical substance is here but we are developing workarounds for idiosyncratic public consultation platforms so that it is easier for education communities to interact with them.

Our algorithm smashes horizontally through an expanding constellation best practice literature emanating from 1000-odd standard setting organizations every day.  These 1000-odd developers throw off the better part of 10,000 titles relevant to the safety and sustainability agenda of education communities.  These products compete with national, state and local legislative proposals — many which are drafted by contractors retained by incumbent stakeholders.

We hold daily teleconferences out of respect for the intellectual property of standards setting organizations and the blistering pace of consensus product development; much of it inspired by conformance business models.   We have been meeting online every day to reckon with these business models since 2013 and it works.


Tuesday | August 4th

University of Cambridge


Wednesday | August 5th

Iowa State University

Who it isn’t.  Why it matters.   Why our way is better.

Who Is the User-Interest?


Thursday | August 6th



Friday | August 7th

“Fall Plowing” 1931 / Grant Wood




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*Not all public consultation relevant to education community spaces appear in “ANSI Standards Action”. Many best practice standards reside in consortia and open-source platforms; particularly ICT and IoT standards. In many economic spaces, privately-developed consensus products compete with local, state and federal legislative proposals.


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