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Sustainable cities & communities

Campuses are cities-within-cities and perfect study units for cities of the future. We find blue-sky conceptions of a "Smart Campus" far more advanced outside the United States; however that is rapidly changing as US education industry trade associations seek a new "zeitgeist" to drive membership, training and compliance revenue.


Sustainable cities & communities

October 19, 2019
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Mexico City – Palacio Nacional. Mural by Diego Rivera showing the life in Aztec times, i.e., the city of Tenochtitlan

The United States Technical Advisory Group (US-TAG), with oversight by the American National Standards Institute and project administration by NFPA International, is participating in the development of an International Organization for Standardization consensus document that will shape policy development for smart cities (sustainable cities and communities).   The ISO Global Secretariat is ANSI’s French counterpart Association Française de Normalisation (AFNOR) as shown in the map below.

As cities-within-cities, major international research universities are stakeholders in these discussions because of the town-gown infrastructure interface in the emergent #SmartCampus.  We have been participants in this project since 2014:

Click here for the Business Plan.

Consensus documents emerging from ISO/TC 268 tend to be large, fast-moving and highly interdependent.  Drafts for US stakeholder comment and balloting arrive frequently as new workgroups are spawned from the core ISO TC/268 committees.  NFPA is in the process of developing a workspace for managing the documents that must be reviewed, commented and balloted.  Until that time, we are using the workspace that may be accessed by CLICKING HERE:



Access to “commentable” draft documents is limited to US TAG members however ANSI has arranged for restrictions to be lifted for circulation among US stakeholders.  Those who would like to participate should communicate directly with Robert Solomon ( and/or Linda MacKay ( at NFPA International, the US TAG Administrator for this project.

We are happy to review these documents any day at 11 AM Eastern time.  Alternatively, you may click into our next International Standards teleconference; the next shown on our CALENDAR.  Use the login credentials at the upper right of our home page.


7 October 2019 Update:

ISO/FDIS 37123 Sustainable Cities and Communities – Indicators for Resilient Cities.  Comments due October 29th

25 September 2019 Update:

ISO/NP 24609 Smart Community Infrastructures – Data and Framework of Digital Technology Apply in Smart City Infrastructure Governance.  Comments due October 3rd

10 September 2019 Update:

ISO/FDIS 37105 Sustainable Cities and Communities – Descriptive Framework for Cities and Communities.  Comments due September 19th

2 August 2019 Update:

ISO/CD 37164 Smart community infrastructures — Smart transportation using fuel cell light rail transportation.  Comments due August 16th

ISO/DIS 37163 Smart Community Infrastructures – Guidance on Smart Transportation for Parking Lot Allocation in Cities.  Comments due August 19th

1 August 2019 Update:

ISO/NP 37167 Smart Community Infrastructures — Smart Transportation for Energy Saving by Intentionally Slowly Driving.  Comments due August 12th

July 28, 2019 Update:

ISO/CD 37155-2 Framework for Integration and Operation of Smart Community Infrastructures- Part 2: Holistic Approach and the Strategy for Development, Operation and Maintenance of Smart Community Infrastructures.  Comments due August 1st.

June 25, 2019 Update:

 ISO / DIS 37160 Smart Community Infrastructure – Measurement Methods for Quality of Thermal Power Station Infrastructure and Requirements for Plant Operations and Management.   Comments due July 12th

June 5, 2019 Update:

No commentable documents at this time.

May 22, 2019 Update:

ISO/DIS 37161 Smart Community Infrastructures – Guidance on Smart Transportation for Energy Saving in Transportation Services in Cities.  Comments due June 5th

May 16, 2019 Update:

No commentable documents at this time.   We walk through all transportation-related standards action on May 16th.

April 29, 2019 Update:

ISO NP 37166 New Work Item Proposed:  Smart Community Infrastructures.  Specification of Multi-Source Urban Data Integration for Smart City Planning.  Comments due May 14th

March 14, 2019 Update:

ISO/FDIS 37122 Sustainable Cities and Communities – Indicators for Smart Cities | Comments due April 2nd.

February 19, 2019 Update:

ISO/FDIS 37104 Sustainable Cities and Communities – Transforming Our Cities – Guidance for Practical Local Implementation of ISO 37101 | Comments due February 15th

ISO NP 23944 (N330) New Work Item Proposed:  Smart Community Infrastructures – Guidance on smart Transportation by Non-Cash payment for Fare/Fees in Transportation and its Related or Additional Services | Comments due February 15th

Ballot for ISO NP 23943 (N328) New Work Item Proposed:  Smart Community Infrastructures – Smart Transportation using Fuel Cell LRT | Comments due February 15th

January 24, 2019 Update:

ISO/DIS 37123 Sustainable cities and communities — Indicators for resilient cities.  Ballots due February 8th

Some amount of the commentable material cannot be distributed and must be viewed online (a chronic problem).  Click in to any of our daily 11 AM EST teleconferences if you would like to read and mark up with comments.

December 18, 2018 Update:

No commentable documents at this time

November 1, 2018 Update:

ISO / DIS 37155 Framework for Integration and Operation of Smart Community Infrastructures – Part 1: Opportunities and Challenges from Interactions in Smart Community Infrastructures from all Aspects through the Life Cycle.

* Owing to copyright restrictions you must send an email to to access to the documents

  Comments are due November 19th

October 1, 2018 Update:

Comments due October 5th:

14-101 ISO 268 Item ISO IEC 17021 Public Review Draft

September 18, 2018 Update:

Comments are due September 24th on the documents linked below:

14-101 ISO WD TS 37107 SEPT 2018 Sustainable Cities

14-101 ISO CD 37160 SEPT 2018 Sustainable Cities

September 16, 2018 Update:

The US TAG convened at NFPA Headquarters last this week.   Since some of the material is copyright protected, we welcome education facility professionals to click in any day at 11 AM to review the commenting opportunities open to US stakeholders generally, and education industry professionals specifically.

Draft document now open for public review: Smart community infrastructures — Guidance on smart transportation for allocation of parking lots in cities. (ISO Stage 20.20) Comments are due at NFPA on September 13th

US TAG meets at NFPA Headquarters in Quincy, Massachusetts September 12 and 13.   Mike Anthony will be in attendance.

August 2018 Update:

Draft document now open for public review: Sustainable development in communities — Indicators for Smart Cities.  Comments are due at NFPA on August 27th.

Draft document now open for public review: Guidelines on Data Exchange and Sharing for Smart Community Infrastructures.  Comments are due at NFPA on August 24th 

One draft document is now open for public review:   Smart community infrastructures — Smart transportation for rapid transit in/between large city zones and the surrounding areas (ISO/DIS 37159).   Comments are due at NFPA on August 7th. 

July 2018 Update:

No new business items received from ISO Genève.  US TAG will meet in at NFPA headquarters, September 12-13, 2018

June 2018 Update:

No new business items received from ISO Genève.  The US TAG is planning a September on-site meeting at NFPA Headquarters in Boston.

May 2018 Update:

Balloting was completed by the US TAG on proposed ISO/FDIS 37120 Sustainable Development in Communities – Indicators for City Services and Quality of Life

April 2018 Update:

At the 2017 Paris meeting of TC/268, the UK suggested that it would be helpful to develop an overall maturity model for cities, drawing on the framework set out by SC1 in ISO/DIS 37153. The TC agreed, and WG4 was asked to work up proposals.

At its Berlin meeting in May, WG4 made good progress and recommended a way forward. But in plenary discussion with other working groups, there was concern that WG4 was moving too quickly and on too narrowly‐focused a basis

The purpose of a recent release by ISO TC/268 — an outline of city “maturity models” — is to respond to those concerns, proposing a broader framework for future work in this area across TC/268

ISO TC 268 City Maturity Model Presentation

An explanation of the broad contours of parent standard — with the Association Française de Normalisation (AFNOR Groupas the Secretariat — is described in the videoclip below:

Issue: [14-101] and [18-5]

Category: #SmartCampus, Informatics, Administration & Management

Colleagues: Mike Anthony, Christine Fischer, Jack Janveja, John Kaczor, Richard Robben


NIST: Developing a consensus Framework for Smart City Architectures

ANSI Coverage of European Standards Action

*  Permission is granted by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to electronically reproduce this draft International Standard for purpose of review and comment related to the preparation of the U.S. position, provided this notice is included.  All other rights are reserved.

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