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University Art Collections

On weekends we break from our daily work in the standards stream and reflect upon the primary business of the education industry -- discovery and conveying knowledge in the arts and sciences. Owing the the size of the images, this page may be slow to load.


University Art Collections

March 24, 2019
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Click on images for more information.   Links to the consensus documents that establish the standard of care in designing, building, operating and maintaining academic art collections appear at the bottom of this page.



Harvard University Art Museum | “Thatched-Roof Cottage by a Lake” | Myles Birket Foster (1825 – 1899)

Brigham University Museum of Art | “Crossing the Mississippi on the Ice” | C.C.A. Christensen (1878)

Princeton University Art Museum | “Shinnecock, Long Island” | William Merritt Chase (1896)

Georgetown University Museum of Art | “Fujiyama from Kawaibashi, at Tokaido” (circa 1880) | Kusakabe Kimbei

University of Virginia Museum of Art | “The Natural Bridge, Virginia” | Frederic Edwin Church (1852)

Colby College Museum of Art | “Frankie and Johnny” | Alex Katz (1948-1949)

Bowdoin College Museum of Art | View on the Hudson | George Inness

University of Vienna Ceiling Paintings (Medicine)


Princeton University Art Museum | “Water Lilies and Japanese Bridge” | Claude Monet (1899)

Yale University Art Museum | “Young Woman and Child | Berthe Morisot (1966)

Princeton University Art Museum | “Mount Adams, Washington” | Albert Bierstadt (1875)

Michigan State University | Broad Art Museum


“Boathouses and Lobster Pots” | Fairfield Porter | Amherst College Art Museum


Harvard University | In the Sierras, Lake Tahoe (Albert Bierstadt)

Stanford University Art Museum


Stanford University | “The Burghers of Calais” by Auguste Rodin


University of Texas | Indians of the Northwest (Thomas Hill)

Arizona State University Art Museum



Yale University | The Battle of Bunker Hill (John Trumbull)


Dante Gabriel Rossetti | La Pia de Tolomei | University of Kansas Art Museum



University of Minnesota Art Museum



Keep in mind that these documents typically develop “parallel to the grain” of the non-profit business models that are often strained to support the requisite administration to sustain accreditation.   When something bad happens, such as a fire, theft, flood or other loss-producing incident it is often the case that no single document can be consulted as the final word of the standard of care.   Very often two or more codes and standards have to be consulted to make the determination about standard of care.  This gap, and often overlap, is the direct result of, a) the gathering pace of interdependencies in technologies, b) the limitations of business models to which non-profit organizations must conform in order to stay in business.

Code for the Protection of Cultural Resource Properties – Museums, Libraries, and Places of Worship

American Alliance of Museums | Facilities and Risk Management Standards

FM Global Special Protection Systems

Illumination Engineering Society | Museum and Art Gallery Lighting Committee

Association of Academic Museums and Galleries

ASHRAE 62.1 Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality

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