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Exterior Lighting Fixture Interchangeability

The illumination product space is very competitive. Standards tend to level the playing field among global manufacturers. See related posts on International Electrotechnical Commission product standards.


Exterior Lighting Fixture Interchangeability

December 14, 2018
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The Association of Electrical Equipment and Medical Imaging Manufacturers (NEMA) is an accredited standards developer of a suite of product standards for roadways and area lighting which generally sets the standard of care for the manufacture of exterior lighting fixtures.   The complete ANSI/NEMA C136 suite is linked below:

ANSI C136 Series – Standards for Roadway and Area Lighting Equipment

NEMA has drafted a new standard to define the mechanical and electrical requirements for transforming installed HID streetlights to Solid State streetlights — i.e. light emitting diode (LED) fixtures.

NEMA C136.42-201x, Standard for Roadway and Area Lighting Equipment – SSL Cobra Head Retrofit Mechanical and Electrical Interchangeability

This is a timely standard; still in draft form.  Many education facility management organizations want to change out their legacy HID fixtures (many of which date back to the 1970’s) and replace them with solid-state (LED) fixtures but use existing underground raceway, wiring and controls. What is the safest and most economical way to do this; starting with the LED product itself?

Comments are due December 23rd.   You may obtain a review copy for $30.00 from David Richmond at NEMA (David.Richmond@nema.org)  Send your comments to David with copy to psa@ansi.org.  Since we collaborate closely with the IEEE Education & Healthcare Facilities Committee we will refer this commenting opportunity to it for its next two teleconferences scheduled for December 4th in both Europe and the Americas.  We are, of course, available for consultation on this and any other consensus document every day at 11 AM Eastern time.  Use the login credentials at the upper right of our home page.

Issue: [18-301]

Colleagues: Mike Anthony, Jim Harvey, Kane Howard

Category: Electrical, Civil Engineering, Facility Asset Management, Landscaping & Exterior, Public Safety

Source:  ANSI Standards Action Page 7



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