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Ventilation of Health Care Facilities

In many large research universities, the healthcare enterprise is a significant revenue source -- sometimes up to half or more -- so we know that knowledgeable subject matter experts are present and financed well enough to conform to state-level healthcare facility regulations well enough to continue making money. Getting engineering staff pulled away from their regular job-assignments to contribute data and experience is a challenge for all accredited standards developers seeking balance in its technical committees.


Ventilation of Health Care Facilities

December 1, 2019
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“Ward in the Hospital in Arles” | Vincent Van Gogh (1889)

The American Society of Heating & Refrigeration Engineers (ASHRAE) has released another batch of addendum to its consensus product — Standard 170-2017 Ventilation of Health Care Facilities.  — of which the candidate revisions can be accessed at the link below:

Public Review Draft Standards / Online Comment Database

Addendum L  continues the process of reorganizing the standard into three components—Hospital, Outpatient, and Residential Health Care and Support in alignment with the FGI Guidelines’ transition to three separate standards.  Comments are due December 22nd.

Comments on Addenda dealing with Outdoor Air Intakes and Exhaust Discharges are due November 24th. 

We welcome real-time discussion on these and other energy conservation codes and standards proposals any day at 11 AM Eastern time.   The ASHRAE suite moves swiftly; often every 30 to 45 days.  If designers, contractors and facility managers want to keep pace with standards action for healthcare facilities it is wise click in.   Once a month we also walk through the status of all consensus products relevant to the mechanical engineering discipline — environmental air, piping, instrumentation & controls, elevators, etc.  — during our Mechanical Engineering teleconference.   See our CALENDAR for the next online meeting; open to everyone.

Finally, to our colleagues in the Orlando, Florida region early next year, ASHRAE will host its Winter Conference February 1-5, 2020.  Most of the technical committees meet during the conference so you should find time to sit in on a few of the meetings.  Registration information is linked below.

2020 American Society of Heating & Refrigeration Engineers Winter Conference

Issue: [Various]

Category: Mechanical, Electrical, Energy, Facility Asset Management

Colleagues:  David Conrad, Richard Robben, Larry Spielvogel




ARCHIVE / ASHRAE 170 Ventilation of Health Care Facilities




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