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Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality

Many ASHRAE consensus documents are continuously maintained and have 30 to 90 day revision cycles.


Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality

March 16, 2020
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“Lübecker Waisenhaus” | Gotthardt Kuehl (1894)


The ASHRAE committee writing standards for ventilation and indoor air quality (ASHRAE 62.1) has released another addenda for public review.  Any changes to ASHRAE 62.1 is important because because those changes find their way into ASHRAE 90.1 — Energy Standard for Buildings.  ASHRAE 90.1 is referenced into the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC).  The IECC is frequently found to be incorporated by reference into federal and state energy and air quality laws.

Addendum a – Page 34 may be accessed at the link below:

 ASHRAE’s Online Standards Action & Public Review

Comments are due March 22nd.

We encourage subject matter experts in the education facility industry to comment — with special encouragement to design engineers, front line mechanics and HVAC shop foreman who are acclimated to the complexities of indoor air systems and have mastered best practice.

University of Minnesota

We are happy to discuss all standards action in the ASHRAE suite any week day at 11 AM Eastern time.  We also devote one work session per month to mechanical system standards.  See our CALENDAR.for the next online meeting.

Howard Community College

Issue: [12-21]

Category Mechanical, Energy, Facility Asset Management

Colleagues: Eric Albert, Richard Robben, Larry Spielvogel

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