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ASSE Active Shooter Technical Report

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ASSE Active Shooter Technical Report

April 27, 2018
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Relief found in Neumagen near Trier, a teacher with three discipuli (180-185 AD) | Click on image

We are tracking action among consensus document developers and non-profit trade associations in setting the standard of care for an emergent safety problem much in the news.  Government regulators are required by law (see OMB Circular A-119) to incorporate by reference privately developed standards before undertaking the task of writing a standard of their own.  That’s the intent, at least.  In the case of this safety problem, passion-driven agendas will not be difficult to identify and understand.

Now comes the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) with a proposed “Active Shooter Technical Report” — not quite ready to satisfy ANSI criteria for an accredited standard but perhaps the foundation for one in the future. This Technical Report is intended to provide guidance in the development and initiation of a site security plan targeted at addressing an active shooter scenario from the perspective of the Occupational Health and Safety Professional.

Link to ANSI Standards Action Announcement | Page 32

From the project prospectus:

ASSE will be using the canvass method to develop evidence of consensus for the approval of this technical report. This notice will serve to inform potential canvassees about the use of the canvass process for developing evidence of consensus, and, if the potential canvassees are interested in participating, obtains an appropriate interest category classification. With the canvass method, a ballot will provide an opportunity for the canvassee to indicate its position (i.e., approval, objection (with reasons), abstention (with comment), or non-participation, with the advice that, in order to receive consideration, objections must be accompanied by supporting written reasons and, where possible, proposals for a solution to the problem raised. ASSE shall develop a list of potential canvassees consisting of those persons (organizations, companies, government agencies, standards developers, individuals, etc.) known to be, or who have indicated that they are, directly and materially affected by the standard. If you fulfill that requirement and are interested in being a canvassee for ASSE’s Active Shooter Technical Report

Applications are due April 30, 2018.  You may submit your application to Lauren Baureschmidt, Manager, Standards Development, of the American Society of Safety Engineers, 520 N. Northwest Highway Park Ridge, IL 60068, (847) 768-3475,

You may ask: How is this prospective ASSE technical report related to NFPA International’s regulatory document now in process — NFPA 3000 Standard for Preparedness and Response to Active Shooter and/or Hostile Events?   Fair question.  We hope to enlighten understanding of an answer affecting the user-interest in the US education industry during one of our weekly Open Door teleconferences – every Wednesday, 11 AM Eastern time.  Click here to log in.

Issue: [18-92]

Category: Risk Management, Public Safety

Colleagues: Mike Anthony, Richard Robben

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