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Athletic Performance Properties of Indoor Sports Floor Systems


Athletic Performance Properties of Indoor Sports Floor Systems

November 23, 2019

“Children’s Games” (1560) / Pieter Bruegel the Elder

ASTM International develops most of the consensus documents that establish the standard of care for sports and recreation equipment and facilitiesASTM Committee F08 on Sports Equipment, Playing Surfaces, and Facilities has released a redline of its consensus product F2772 Specification for Athletic Performance Properties of Indoor Sports Floor Systems.   Public announcement of the commenting opportunity appears in the link below:

ANSI Standards Action Page 10

 Comments are due December 23rd.  

ASTM International has its own way of posting exposure drafts for public comment; typically in very large batches compared with other consensus product developers present in our algorithm.  Its due process procedures depend heavily on face-to-face meetings twice every year; usually the root cause of why so many are released at once.   Any stakeholder is permitted free access to the exposure drafts during the comment period but very often the sheer number of exposure drafts prohibit complete participation.   On the other hand, ASTM International has a lengthy catalog of consensus products in nearly every sector of the US economy, with hundreds of technical committees, so the large drops of redlines open for public comment reflect that.

Also, it may well be that F2772 is a relatively stable product such that proposed changes are minor enough that the redline does not require a lengthy commenting period.  Usually major technical changes are dealt with farther upstream the standards development process; even before the semi-annual committee meetings.

You may obtain an electronic copy by communicating directly with  Send your comments to Laura Klineburger, (610) 832-9744, with a copy to

For more information about how to participate (i.e. travel to the meetings, present data to technical committee members, draft new proposals, review the redlines prepared by others, click into a committee teleconference, submit a ballot, etc.) you may communicate directly with ASTM F08 Staff Manager: Joe Koury ( at 610-832-9804

We include this standard on the agenda of our monthly Athletic & Recreation facility teleconference; open to everyone.  See our CALENDAR for the next online meeting

Issue: [15-55]

Category: Athletic & Recreation

Colleagues: Mike Anthony, Jack Janveja, Richard Robben

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