Safe Use of Lasers in Research


Safe Use of Lasers in Research

September 21, 2020

Sir Isaac Newton (?) showing an optical experiment to an audience in his laboratory. Wood engraving by Martin after C. Laverie.

Posted August 9, 2020


The Laser Institute of America (LIA) is revising Z136.8 Standard for Safe Use of Lasers in Research, Development or Testing.  This standard provides recommendations for the safe use of lasers and laser systems that operate at wavelengths between 180 nm and 1 mm and are used to conduct research or used in a research, development, or testing environment. This environment is not limited to universities and national laboratories, but includes medical research facilities and high-tech product development evaluation settings.

You may obtain the public review draft at the link below:

Comments due September 21st.

Send comments (with optional copy to to: Liliana Caldero (

Universität Wien


We maintain the LIA consensus product suite on the standing agenda of our periodic Laboratory and Nota Bene teleconferences.  See our CALENDAR for the next meeting.

Issue: [13-37]

Category: Facilities Asset Management, Risk Management, Public Safety

Colleagues: Richard Robben, Markus Schaufele

Source: ANSI Standards Action

Agenda / Laboratory Safety & Sustainability Standards



State and local government laser safety requirements

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