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Electrical Load Study / Phase 2

It is not unthinkable that electrical designers and/or facility managers may be held accountable for fatalities and/or the severity of injuries that can be directly correlated with the oversizing of transformers. That day is not today but, with the drop off in electrical load density in recent NEC cycles, possibly quickened by power-over-ethernet lighting systems in the future -- a fair question to ask any electrical designer is: "Why did you not use permissive language now available in the National Electrical Code to reduce the size of the transformer when the severity of the electrical accident is directly correlated to available fault current from an oversized transformer kVA"?


Electrical Load Study / Phase 2

June 22, 2021

A ward of the hospital at Scutari where Florence Nightingale worked and helped to restructure the modern hospital

The American Society for Healthcare Engineering is funding a second phase of an NFPA Fire Protection Research Foundation project to support development of future revisions to the National Electrical Code.   The first phase of this project, titled Evaluation of Electrical Feeder and Branch Circuit Loading Study, was completed in 2017 and has been covered in previous posts (CLICK HERE).

The Phase 2 prospectus is linked below:

NFPA FPRF PROJ SUMM – Elec Circuit Data Collection)

Minutes from the last online teleconference:

FPRF NFPA MTG SUMMARY – Electrical Circuit Data Collection 2019Aug12 Issue 16-111

Even though the results of the Phase 2 will not be available until after the 2020 NEC is published, the results of the Phase I study have already put NFPA 70 committees on notice that closing the divergence between observed electrical loading and the loading required by the NEC for fire safety reasons must narrow — for both safety and sustainability reasons — in future revisions; with healthcare facilities among the highest priority facility class.

For more specific information about how to contribute to the Electrical Safety Research Advisory Committee, or to participate, please feel free to communicate directly with Casey Grant (cgrant@nfpa.org).   The next online meeting is scheduled for sometime in June/July 2021; pending the results of a Doodle poll issued in early June.  

We coordinate our advocacy in each of the NFPA 70-series of documents with the IEEE Education & Healthcare Facilities Committee which meets 4 times per month in European and American time zones.  We also devote an two hours every month to sweep through the status of all Electrical Power and Telecomunications codes and standards.   See our CALENDAR for the next online meeting; open to everyone.


Issue: [16-111]

Category: Electrical, Public Safety, Risk Management

Colleagues: Mike Anthony, Larry Ayers, Chad Beebe,  Jonathan Flannery, Casey Grant, Jim Harvey, Christel Hunter, David Hittinger, Daleep Mohla, Dev Paul  


FPRF NFPA MTG SUMMARY – Electrical Circuit Data Collection 2019Aug12 Issue 16-111

NFPA FPRF MTG SUMMARY – Electrical Circuit Data Collection 2019Apr30)

Electrical Circuit Data Collection RFP Due March 27th

Mazzetti /Healthcare Device Requirements – Why research now

ARCHIVE: Electrical Load Study / Phase 2







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