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Entertainment Events & Facilities

The education industry is a significant stakeholder in developing standards for safe and sustainable conduct of the performance arts


Entertainment Events & Facilities

October 6, 2018
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Globe Theater | Southern Utah University

Many colleges and universities host entertainment and education events; many of which have significant risks to manage.  The  Entertainment Services and Technology Association is one of the first names among accredited standards developers in this space.

ESTA Technical Standards Program

A new batch of redlines are now open for public review:

ESTA Public Review Documents

Comments on a variety of entertainment arts technologies and practices that are common in education facilities are due September 25th through November 6th.

We encourage front line media technicians and managers in the education industry to participate in ESTA’s leading practice discovery and standards setting.   We encourage the supervisors and the managers to whom these technicians report to hasten idea upflow by approving  resources for time and travel for these front line technicians.

All ESTA standards are on the standing agenda of our weekly Open Agenda teleconference — every Wednesday, 11 AM Eastern time.  CLICK HERE to log in.

Because the safety and sustainability of special events is multidisciplinary and cuts across many regulatory products developed by ICC, NFPA, IEEE, NEMA, IES, ASHRAE and ESTA that generally stream out of step with one another we will devote a one hour teleconference covering arts and entertainment facilities on September 13th, 11 AM Eastern time.   CLICK HERE to log in

Issue: [Various]

Category: Arts & Entertainment Facilities, Risk Management, Electrical, Fire Safety

Colleagues: Mike Anthony, Jim Harvey

* From our archive:

* PLASA and ESTA are international affiliates

Posted June 2, 2018

Michigan Stadium tricked out for Winter Classic | Photo by Jerry Lai USA TODAY Sports (Click on image)

The Entertainment Services and Technology Association (ESTA — formerly PLASA) has notified the American National Standards Institute that it will be entering a new revision cycle of an existing standard and the launching of a new standard:

 E1.21-201x, Entertainment Technology – Temporary Structures Used for Technical Production of Outdoor Entertainment Events (revision of ANSI E1.21-2013) This document establishes a minimum level of design and performance parameters for the design, manufacturing, use, and maintenance of temporary ground-supported structures used in the production of outdoor entertainment events. The purpose of this guidance is to ensure the structural reliability and safety of these structures and does not address fire safety and safe egress issues. Project Need: The standard is being opened for revision to clarify and reorganize OMP information, guidance, and content. Stakeholders: Entertainment event producers, event production companies, technicians, and performers. BSR E1.47-201x, Entertainment Technology – Recommended Guidelines for Entertainment Rigging System Inspections (revision of ANSI E1.47-2017) The standard offers guidance on inspecting entertainment rigging systems, which are systems used to lift and support scenery, luminaires, and other equipment overhead in entertainment venues, such as theatres, video/film studios, amphitheatres, and arenas used for live performances or special events.

BSR E1.62-201x, Minimum specifications for mass-produced portable platforms, ramps, stairs, and choral risers for live performance events (new standard) The standard would cover serially manufactured portable platforms, stair units and ramps used with those platforms, and choral risers. It would also cover railings provided as fall protection accessories for these units. It would not cover custom platforms or complete stage systems. It would give minimum payload and sideways force handling specifications. Project Need: There is no American National Standard that unambiguously covers the products within this proposed standard’s scope. The IBC gives a minimum distributed load rating for portable platforms, but does not provide a point load rating, a sideways load specification, or deflection criteria. DIN 15921 covers much of this material, but it is in German, and has a fairly low force specification for railings, below that for an OSHA “standard guardrail”. Stakeholders: Portable platform and choral riser manufacturers, specifiers, buyers, and users. The latter includes the technicians who must set up the portable platforms and risers and the people who must stand on them.

Information about how to participate in the development of these standards is available on ESTA’s Technical Standards Program website: http://tsp.esta.org/tsp/about/index.html.  Contact: Karl Ruling, (212) 244-1505, standards@esta.org.   ESTA (Entertainment Services and Technology Association) 630 Ninth Avenue Suite 609 New York, NY 10036-3748

Issue: [17-343]

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