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Global Supply Chain Mathematics


Global Supply Chain Mathematics

August 16, 2020

Olin School of Business | Washington University


A Mathematical Programming Model to Global Supply Chain Management:
Conceptual Approach and Managerial Insights

Panos Kouvelis and Meir J. Rosenblatt

John M. Olin School of Business | Washington University

ABSTRACT: In this paper, we study the design of global facility networks. We present a mixed integer programming model that captures essential design tradeoffs of such networks and explicitly incorporates government subsidies trade tariffs and taxation issues. The resulting formulation can be solved for reasonable size problems with commercially available mathematical programming software. Focusing on special cases of the problem enables us to provide useful insights on preferable international facility networks for various environments. We demonstrate the pervasive, and often dominating, effects of subsidized financing, tariffs, regional trade rules, and taxation in shaping the manufacturing and distribution network of
global firms.:

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