IBC Section 1207 | Classroom Acoustics


IBC Section 1207 | Classroom Acoustics

January 24, 2024

Chapter 12 of the 2021 International Building Code provides minimum provisions for the interior of building–the occupied environment.  Ventilation, lighting and space heating are directly regulated in this chapter and in conjunction with the International Mechanical Code and the International Energy Conservation Code.  Minimum room size and maximum root–to-room sound transmission are set for certain occupancies.

Chapter 12 Interior Environment

Section 1207 asserts a requirement for “Enhanced Classroom Acoustics” that recognizes occupants with special needs for all classrooms with a volume larger than 20,000 cubic feet or less, articulated in Section 808 of 2017 ICC A117.1, the latest version.  Widespread use of personal hearing appliances — headphones — have complicated best practice in this domain.


20 February 2018 

One noteworthy proposal for enhanced classroom acoustics — for classrooms with a volume larger than 20,000 cubic feet — appears on Pages 13-14 of the document linked below:

Classroom Acoustics BCAC General 5 – IBC A117.1 Coordination 11-20-1027 File 17-229

While this proposal is largely a correlation proposal to harmonize IBC Chapter 12 concepts with concepts already present in IBC A117.1 it does set up a new section to lock in the correlation with ICC A117.1 Section 808.  It has been on the agenda of breakout committees of International Code Council (ICC) ahead of its Group A Committee Action Hearings April 15 to 25, 2018 in Columbus, Ohio.

Standards Michigan encourages user-interest subject matter experts in the education industry to participate in the ICC Committee Action Hearings.  Other inquiries may be directed to Ed Wirtshorek (ewirtschoreck@iccsafe.org).  We keep the ICC suite of standards as a standing item on our weekly Open Door teleconferences that are open to the public.  

Issue 17-229

Category: Architectural, Accessibility


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