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IBC Means of Egress

While balloting is generally restricted to building code officials, the ICC code development processes is one of the most transparent processes in the world; proved by ICC making its code development process available by livestream.


IBC Means of Egress

September 12, 2018
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ICC staff is now working with volunteer technical committee members to prepare public comments for the Public Comment Hearings next month.  The Group A Codes have hundreds of proposals to act upon so it is wise for ICC staff prepare these comments in order for them to be fairly balloted by volunteer technical committee members at the Group A Code Hearings next month.

ICC Group A Public Comment Monograph

We have been following means of egress concept development which profoundly affect how any facility type is designed, built and operated safety.  Those concepts are listed in the link below and they are non-trivial:

ICC 2018-2019 Code Development Cycle MOE Concepts

We encourage user-interest subject matter experts on the direct payroll of a school district, college or university to communicate with ICC staff to contribute to the next revision of the International Building Code healthcare facility sections.   Colleges and universities in the Richmond Virginia region should find it relatively easy to attend.  Contact: Kimberly Paarlberg (kpaarlberg@iccsafe.org).

Additionally, we are hosting an online breakout worksession for our clients and visitors today — September 11th, at 11 AM.  Use the login credentials at the upper right of our home page.



Posted June 30, 2018

The International Code Council released the 2018 Report of the Committee Action Hearings on the 2018 Editions of the Group A International Codes two weeks ago.  The 313 page monograph linked below contains the results of the balloting of all Group A codes:

Report: 2018 – 2019 Code Development Cycle Group A

Public comments are due July 16th.  These concepts will eventually be incorporated by reference into state building codes and thereby affect #TotalCostofOwnership.

We have begun our examination of the monograph regarding means of egress concepts — for which the ICC has a designated committee — with special attention to the concepts that will effect planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of the built environment for the education industry.   Means of egress (MOE) concepts inform the application of all other building technologies such as mechanical, electrical, fire protection and security systems.   Egress concepts developed by the ICC are conveyed into NFPA’s National Electrical Code, for example.   Mechanical systems for smoke control are designed around egress concepts.  The number and orientation of occupant access and egress points is high on the agenda of public safety professionals charged with protecting educational campus communities.

A listing of means of egress concepts that appear in the monograph has been distilled by the ICC Building Code Action Committee and is linked below:

ICC 2018-2019 Code Development Cycle MOE Concepts

We have set aside two working sessions to examine and prepare responses to the ICC invitation for public comment.

July 12th: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

June 21st: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

We welcome the participation of subject matter experts who service the education industry who are skilled in marking up legislative documents such as the International Building Code.  Additionally, we keep all ICC consensus products on the agenda of our weekly Open Door teleconference (which we host every Wednesday, 11 AM Eastern time).  Anyone is welcomed to join us with the login information linked below:



Original post: April 23, 2018

Greater Columbus Convention Center | ICC Group A Code Hearings April 15-25, 2018The International Code Council (ICC) will host the final day of hearings on candidate revisions to its Group A Codes.   These include the International Building Code which establishes the standard of care for design, construction, operation and maintenance of education and university-affiliated healthcare facilities, in most of the United States   The hearings — 10 days for about 12 hours each day — are an impressive event which is livestreamed at the link  below.


As we have for the past several revision cycles, we encourage our facility colleagues to “click in” to the hearings if they cannot attend the hearings in person in Columbus, Ohio.   (Registration information).    During the hearings we will post some of the safety and sustainability concepts we have been advocating — either by presenting a new concept of our own or by supporting the concepts of other user-interests — on the site linked below:

Workspace for ICC 2018 Group A Hearings

The order in which the proposals will be heard appears on Page 979 of the Complete Monograph

We generally pay closer attention to proposals dealing with electrotechnology (power, telecommunications, signaling, #SmartCampus, etc.) because — as it should be clear from viewing the livestream — that building inspectors and fire safety professionals are comparatively well-funded.  Their role in upholding the safety of the built environment is understood by local and state agencies and their participation is built into public safety budget.  The IEEE Education & Healthcare Committee is following the trajectory of a number of proposals submitted to the ICC Group A technical committees and discusses them during its bi-weekly teleconferences.

Public comments on the results of the Spring Hearings are due on July 16th. The results of the Group A Hearings will be revisited during the Group A Public Comment Hearings, October 24-31, 2018 in Richmond Virginia.  See: Complete 2018 Group A Schedule

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