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USNC/IEC | Call for Experts

An examination of the roster of USNC/IEC committee members will reveal that only Standards Michigan approaches electrotechnology standards from the point of view of the user/owner/final fiduciary in the $300 billion education facilities industry.


USNC/IEC | Call for Experts

August 27, 2018
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It is difficult finding subject matter experts within the education industry — both on the academic and business side — to help develop and advocate user-interest position in global electrotechnology standards.  Academics respond to funding opportunities; either from the government or from incumbent, competitor stakeholders in the global standards system.   The business side of the education industry is unable to bear the complexity and expense of supporting an expert over a long enough period of time where that voice is effective in advocating safer, simpler, lower-cost and longer-lasting campuses.  As we explain in our ABOUT, effectiveness requires the sensitivity of education industry leadership to long and deep cycle undertakings — and a willingness to accept that results are subtle and oftentimes politically invisible in prospect.  In retrospect, however; the stream of subtle changes accumulate into techtonic movement in technology and economics which benefits both sides of the education industry.

Nevertheless, we continue to try; and pass on to our rapidly growing cadre of website visitors, calls for new committee members.

The US National Committee to the International Electrotechnical Commission (USNA/IEC) has recently sent out a Call for Members in this week’s ANSI Standards Action Page 42.  Subject matter experts are needed for the following committees:

US Coordinating Committee on IEC ACSEC Information Security and Data Privacy

US Coordinating Committee on IEC ACEE Energy Efficiency

US Coordinating Committee on IEC ACTAD Electricity Transmission and Distribution

If education industry subject matter experts are interested in participating in any of these groups, please contact Kendall Szulewski-Francis, USNC Program Administrator, at   We note that all IEC standards on the standing of our own weekly Open Door teleconference every Wednesday, 11 AM Eastern time.   (Click here to log in)

Also, insofar as electrotechnology in the education facilities is concerned, the IEEE Education & Healthcare Facilities Committee (IEEE E&H) — as a group with American and European members — also follows IEC standards according to the requirements of the various national committees administered by CEN/CENELEC.   The IEEE E&H Committee meets online twice this coming Tuesday, August 28th.

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Category: Electrical, Telecommunications, Information Communications & Technology, #SmartCampus, International

Colleagues: Mike Anthony, Jim Harvey, Giuseppe Parise

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