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December 3, 2018
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“The Starry Night” | Vincent Van Gogh (1889)

The emergent #SmartCampus is essentially an electrical power, information and communications technological transformation.  We collaborate closely with the IEEE Education and Healthcare Facilities Electrotechnology Committee which has begun the roll out of a single access point where:

  • Electrical, telecommunications and ICT professionals can collaborate with one another on safety and sustainability issues common to all building industry disciplines
  • Facility managers in all industries can slice horizontally through the many IEEE societies which set the standard of care for electrotechnology as it is applied in fire protection, security, and control of building and campus infrastructure

That platform — designed for practitioners, faculty, students, trade associations, government and other stakeholders is open to the public and accessible at the link below:


A few of the educational sessions that have take place over the past three years our platform are accessible in the link below:

Click on image

We are tooled up for an expansion of the past curriculum in the IEEE Channel above; and welcome recommendations for topics that are relevant to all stakeholders in the emergent #SmartCampus.


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