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IES | Compact Fluorescent Lamps

May 29, 2018
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The Illumination Engineering Society (IES) is one of the first names in non-profit trade associations whose consensus documents are heavily referenced in the specifications of building construction projects for the US education industry.

We are following developments in a few technical committees put together by the IES who set the standard of care for illumination technologies by coordinating our understanding of the scopes and purposes of other consensus documents developed by:

There are a number of other trade associations that are participants in research and open source standards for faster moving parts of the illumination science.  We will cover these in future posts.

For the moment IES has released an addendum to Section Compact Fluorescent Lamps) for public review:

ANSI Standards Action Page 42

Comments are due June 3, 2018.   You are encouraged to send comments directly to IES (with copy to c/o   Application information to participate in the IES process is available at this link:  

IES consensus documents are on the standing agenda of our weekly Open Door teleconference (every Wednesday,  11:00 AM Eastern) which is open to everyone with the login information below:


Issue: [15-236]

Category: Electrical, #SmartCampus

Colleagues: Mike Anthony, Jim Harvey, Kane Howard






ANSI Standards Action Page 42

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