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Education Management Systems

To what degree is it possible to convey the lessons learned by the global manufacturing industry into the global education industry?


Education Management Systems

August 15, 2018
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Since 2013 we have been following developments in an International Organization for Standardization committee: ISO 288 – Educational organizations management systems – Requirements with guidance for use;  a committee spun off from the committee that develops the more widely known ISO 9000-family of quality management standards prepared for industries and global regulatory agencies.  The global Secretariat is South Korea; with 40 participating member nations and 11 observing nations.  The status of this project can be tracked at the link below (You will need login credentials)

ISO Working Area

It is noteworthy that the US education industry is not a participant in this global standard which will likely have implications for standards setting for all aspects of educational organizations including the management of Massive Open Online Courses which we have covered in previous posts.

Link to 2016-2018 Coverage

The ISO/TC 288 has reached a milestone with its May 1st of the First Edition (Click on image):

All ISO consensus documents are on the standing agenda of our weekly Open Door teleconferences every Wednesday, 11 AM Eastern time.  Anyone is welcomed to Click Here to login and help prepare user-interest comments on documents open to public review:

Issue: [13-100]

Contact: Mike Anthony, Christine Fischer, Jack Janveja, Rich Robben

Category: Academic Interest, Management, Finance & Administration, International Standards


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