Maintenance Management of Multiple Plants


Maintenance Management of Multiple Plants

June 14, 2022

Overview of Detroit Industry, North Wall, 1932-33, fresco by Diego Rivera. Detroit Institute of Arts

Maintenance Management of Multiple Plants

Erling Hesla – Curtis Fowler – Jerry Huber

Abstract:  This paper brings insights into practical considerations regarding maintenance. It addresses challenges faced when meeting maintenance, operations, and safety (MOS) requirements at the point of usage – on the factory floor – where the final application holds diverse requirements to be met with diverse and limited resources. The scenario covers an installation with a central administrative office (head office) and multiple outlying plants of varying size, staff, and budgets – each with its own limitations and its own demands. The paper states that the sole purpose of the electrical system is to support operations of the factory; that management is fully committed to proper MOS practices; that management requires a level of consistency between outlying plants; and that a level of “fairness” must be addressed.


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