2020 NEC | Health Care Facilities | Standards Michigan

2020 NEC | Health Care Facilities

Even a half-percent reduction in #TotalCostofOwnership in the facilities that support an industry that runs upwards of 30 percent of US gross domestic product is meaningful.


2020 NEC | Health Care Facilities

August 21, 2018
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We find gaps and overlaps among the constellation of consensus standards that set the standard of care for safety in sustainability in healthcare facilities.   Several ANSI accredited standards developers claim parts of the healthcare facility space; each according to the point of view reflected in their business models: International Code Council, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers*, National Fire Protection Association, American Society of Heating and Refrigeration Engineers are among those that are typically incorporated by reference into federal, state and local safety regulations.

Most of those standards developers run relatively well-balanced technical committees that make decisions and deliver a leading practice document that can be referenced into public safety and sustainability regulations every three to five years.   However it can be a challenge for different engineering and management disciplines to apply the documents when these documents — or parts of these documents — develop out of step with one another.  We simply have to know what is going on and when.

Our focus today is on the Article 517 of what will eventually become the 2020 edition of the National Electrical Code.   NFPA has now released the transcript of public input for the technical committee updating safety and sustainability concepts for electrical power systems in healthcare facilities:

NEC 2020 Pre-Ballot Report CMP-15 70_A2019_NEC_P15_FD_PRELIMFR

Comments are due August 30th.

You may submit your comments directly to NFPA at this link: List of NFPA Codes and Standards.  You may also join one of our online markup sessions to “get down into the weeds” about emergent safety and sustainability concepts that will appear in the 2020 National Electrical Code.   We typically run through the proposals and prepare comments and limit our interest to concepts that only affect university-affiliated healthcare systems.  Login information for the next teleconference on August 14th 11 AM Eastern time is linked below:

NEC Markup

We also collaborate with the IEEE Education & Healthcare Facilities Committee which meets online 4 times per month in the Americas and Europe and with the IEEE Standards Association.

Keep in mind that NFPA 99 Health Care Facilities Code develops one year out of step with Article 517 of the National Electrical Code.   NFPA 1 Fire Code and NFPA 101 Life Safety Code — two other codes with parts that apply to the healthcare industry — develop on different cycles and have been covered here in previous posts.  We have also identified and discussed ICC, IEEE and ASHRAE consensus documents that cover healthcare facility structural, architectural, electrotechnologies and environmental air systems.

Issue: [16-102]

Category: Electrical, Telecommunication, Healthcare Facilities, #SmartCampus

Colleagues: Mike Anthony, Jim Harvey, Kane Howard

University of Texas Medical Branch Main Building


*Except for the National Electrical Safety Code — which is written as a “code” to be referenced into public safety laws , all other IEEE products are developed as “guides” or “recommended practices” that can be referenced into the codes developed by NFPA, ICC and ASHRAE.


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