Standards Vermont

The motto of the State of Vermont is "Freedom and Unity." This motto was adopted by the Vermont General Assembly in 1779, during the American Revolutionary War. The motto reflects Vermont's independent spirit and commitment to both individual freedom and the common good. "Freedom and Unity" is also featured prominently on the state's coat of arms and is often used as a symbol of Vermont's values and identity. In recent years, however, the electorate in Vermont has consistently voted for the political party that dampens free speech and self determination; led in large part, by Vermont education communities. Cultural prohibition against free speech impedes leading practice and discovery which is the raison d'être. of Standards Michigan. Free speech is just as important in technical and scientific domains as it is in the cultural milieu.


Standards Vermont

July 15, 2020

“Rutland Falls, Vermont” 1848 / Frederic Edwin Church

As we explain in our ABOUT, we are continuing the development of the cadre of “code writers and vote-getters” begun at the University of Michigan in 1993.  We are now drilling down into state and local adaptations of nationally developed codes and standards that are incorporated by reference into public safety and sustainability legislation.   Every state will be approached with sensitivity to its history, culture, governance regime, asset-base and network of expertise. #StandardsVermont

Standards Michigan remains the “free” home site but state-specific sites such as Standards Vermont will be accessible to subscribers.   Please send a request to join.

Electronic Municipal Market Access / Vermont

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