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E pluribus unum


E pluribus unum

February 25, 2021

Since early 2019 we have tracked live public consultation notices in a selection of states.   There are many reasons for doing this; not the least of which is the pandemic — which has brought the federal republic character of the United States into relief — but also new consensus dynamics in each of the 50 United States.

During today’s colloquium we undertake more detailed discovery about safety and sustainability codes, standards, guidelines, recommended practices and guidelines that have state-level adaptions of national consensus products of ANSI accredited standards setting organizations.  Because lobbyists (or “communication companies”) are domiciled in state capitals, and because the labor interest is one of the strongest voices in the the US standards setting system administered by ANSI, we find well-funded voices representing labor interests either endorsing or modifying the codes, standards and regulations that affect money flow into education communities.   We have examples.

Also — if there is time — with a number of college towns that are set up as separate entities and that raises noteworthy exceptions to the general rule; sometimes referred to as “home rule”*.

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Home Rule

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