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Readings / “A Complaint of the Decay of Beggars in the Metropolis”

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“On Holiday (Girl resting on the grass)” 1879 Kuznetsov Nikolai Dmitrievich

University of Michigan Matthaei Botanical Gardens

St. John’s University

University of Florida

Harvard University

Lunds universitet Scania

Swarthmore College Pennsylvania

Ruhr-Universität Bochum

Anglo-americká vysoká škola, z.ú. Czech Republic

Michigan State University

University of the Ozarks


Freie Universität Berlin

Kent State University

Uniwersytet Warszawski

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore


Bard College / New York

Michigan State University Healing Garden

Japanese Garden | Normandale Community College Minnesota

东北师范大学 | Northeast Normal University | Changchun, Jilin, China

University of Michigan | Matthaei Botanical Gardens

Shenandoah University | Winchester, Virginia

Princeton University Secret Garden | Photo by Sarah Ly

King’s College | London, United Kingdom


École Normale Supérieure | Paris, France

Arizona Cactus Garden | Stanford University

Duke University / North Carolina

Oxford University

University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

University of Helsinki Botanical Garden

University of Notre Dame / South Bend, Indiana

University of Tromsø the Arctic University of Norway

Florida Tech Botanical Garden

University of Nottingham

Smith University Botanical Garden

Aarhus University | Denmark


High Point University | North Carolina

Universiteit Stellenbosch | Western Cape, South Africa

Louisiana State University

Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg

Rutgers University

Great Court University of Queensland Australia

University of Oklahoma

Wageningen University | The Netherlands




Nursery Stock


Dionysium Summer: The Birth of Tragedy

The Birth of Tragedy 1910 | Friedrich Nietzsche

…“Without myth, however, every culture loses its healthy creative natural power: it is only a horizon encompassed with myth that rounds off to unity a social movement.”

…“What does our great historical hunger signify, our clutching about us of countless cultures, our consuming desire for knowledge, if not the loss of myth, of a mythic home, the mythic womb?”

…“… all life rests on appearance, art, illusion, optics, the need for perspective and for error…”

…“Knowledge kills action, for action requires a state of being in which we are covered with the veil of illusion.”

…“Around the hero everything becomes a tragedy; around the demigod everything becomes a satyr-play; and around God everything becomes — what? perhaps a ‘world’?”

…“There is nothing more terrible than a class of barbaric slaves who have learned to regarded their existence as an injustice, and now prepare to avenge, not only themselves, but all generations.”

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