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Uniform Plumbing Code

December 12, 2020

“Blue Niagara” 1884 / George Inness

The IAPMO Group has launched a new revision cycle for one of its flagship regulatory products.  The current edition is the 2021 UPC.   IAPMO is now accepting public input on the 2024 Edition.   The landing page for IAPMO all standards action is linked below:

IAPMO Code Development


We have been tracking several proposals that deal with the nature and number of water closets and venting systems in education facilities; school food preparation and sewage systems; and piping materials for all occupancy classifications.   To get a sense of the action, and what concepts may inform the proposals we make for the 2023 revision, the original proposals for the 2021 editions appear in the documents linked below:

Uniform Plumbing Code Report on Proposals | 854 pages

Technical committee response to proposed changes to the 2021 UPC is linked below:

Uniform Plumbing Code Report on Comments | 910 Pages

Note the following concepts related to education communities:

  • Number of fixtures (i.e. toilets and hand-wash sinks)
  • Dormitory and locker room shower and bathing facilities
  • Sewage flow rates per occupancy class (e.g. differences in elementary v. secondary schools)
  • Drinking fountains
  • Laboratory emergency shower and eyewash station water availability, quality and temperature
  • Cafeteria kitchens (steam tables, grease traps)
  • Gender-issues (labeling, ratios)
  • Natural noise and vapor mitigation

We encourage academic unit facility managers, front line plumbing tradespersons, their shop foremen and others who have “nuts and bolts” experience with plumbing systems in education facilities to become engaged in the IAPMO code development process.   War stories, operating data and solutions that reduce #TotalCostofOwnership always welcomed.

Public Input is due January 4, 2021.   CLICK HERE for information about how to do so.

You may communicate directly with IAPMO’s standards staff here: IAPMO (International Association of Plumbing & Mechanical Officials) 4755 E. Philadelphia Street Ontario, CA 91761 Office: (909) 472-4241 Gabriella Davis gaby.davis@iapmo.org.  We will also place this standard, and all other water safety and sustainability standards on the agenda of our monthly Mechanical and Water teleconferences.  See our CALENDAR for the next online teleconference.  Use the login credentials at the top of our home page to join.

Issue: [12-059] [17-299] [20-007]

Category: Plumbing, Water

Colleagues:  Ron George, Richard Robben, Larry Spielvogel

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