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Who Is the User-Interest?

It is difficult to discuss this subject because many of our colleagues over the years simultaneously compete and collaborate with us. Discuss it we must, however as the legacy #SmartCampus transitions to the #WiseCampus*.


Who Is the User-Interest?

August 5, 2020

University of Michigan

We are not a non-profit.

We are not a blog.

We are not a proxy for incumbents.

We are not standards evangelizers .

We are not “Oracle of Change” trendsniffers.

We do not claim to be an opinion aggregator

We get results.

Visit us  across from the University of Michigan campus. 


The Standards Michigan logo  — designed about ten years ago during the 25-year tenure of the original University of Michigan standards advocacy enterprise – reflects the three interest groups in the global standards system generally, and the United States specifically.  It was inspired from experience advocating safety and sustainability concepts in the National Electrical Code and coming to understand that the National Fire Protection Association — which was then, and remains so — the most rigorous standards setting organization in the United States was having difficulty meeting the ANSI balance requirements [§2.3].  If NFPA was having trouble getting users to participate, what was it like for other ANSI accredited standards setting organizations?

At the University of Michigan Ross School of Business,  Joe Bhatia, Chairman of the American National Standards Institute drove home the point to the education industry which is the foundation of all industries in every nation:

Archive / UM Welcomes ANSI 2014

Still, the private standards system, a relatively small part of the global standards system generally, is still better than having leading practice determined by politicians, their staffs, their contractors and their donors.

Touchy subject.

Join us today when we look at one or two technical committee rosters — and where in the world their meetings are held and how often.  If there is time, we will review the balloting patterns on one or two technical topics which have significantly contributed to making education communities safer, simpler, lower-c0st and longer lasting.  When you do that for education communities; you are effectively doing it for all other industries.

Workspace / ANSI

*We time-stamped the hashtag #WiseCampus on Twitter about 3 years ago; knowing that the half-life of buzzwords needed by education industry trade associations to drive conference revenue has grown shorter.   The COVD-19 pandemic is enough of a singularity that we are inspired us to be more visible with it in our Twitter feed.

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