May 1, 2023

Mural by Eyer Middle School students, Macungie, Pennsylvania, 2017

No paucity of drama in global education communities, lately. Our core competency lies in hammering on the specifics that drive up the cost of education community spaces; but we cannot do that well without understanding the primary purpose educational communities. Credentialing is Big Business. Arguably, education communities are the world’s largest credentialing communities.  The work products of the American National Institute provide templates for policy solutions to a many industries.   Noteworthy today are the products for learning communities.

From the original ANSI post:

Kaplan University Partners, Inc. reports that the number one reason Americans value higher education is to get graduates “career ready.” Yet, the biggest concern employers have about college is the relevance of what students are learning and the work readiness of the graduates. When employers are asked what they want to see most in college graduates, the top things they cite are work-related experiences and industry-relevant skills. According to a 2013 Lumina Foundation and Gallup poll of the American public and business leaders, only 13% of Americans and 11% of C-level executives are confident that graduates are well prepared for success in the workplace. It is time to take action to turn the tide on this perception.

Workcred Joins Experts to Share Why College Will Soon Be About “Credegrees”

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