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Standards tend to be backward-looking; though electrotechnologies tend to disrupt the general rule.



January 14, 2021

How much, and which parts of the physical campus remains if the pandemic renders a double-digit amount of it obsolete?  How will competition among academic units to provide virtual reality instruction and research affect capitalization decisions?

Join our colloquium today when we break down the action of standards setting organizations in engaged in the rollout of 5G applications relevant to the safety and sustainability agenda of education communities.  

We keep a weather-eye out for market-making by incumbent stakeholders who write standards in order to generate conformance revenue.   Vendor lock-in is a double edged sword.  Some technologies should be allowed to discover quality and price across the full span of the innovation curve before they become “standardized” by enforcers and administrators and assorted red-tape makers (who typically outnumber innovators at least 1000:1).

5G to be superceded by 6G.

NIST scientists with high-frequency switched array antenna system for systematic studies of behavior of 5G signals in different physical environments.

Standing Agenda / 5G


TIA Americas Spectrum Management Conference: Industry Standards are Critical to Securing 5G

ATIS: 5G Specifications in 3GPP North American Needs for the 5G Future

TC106 Overview Assessment of Human exposure to EMF

IEC Future Challenges in Standardization

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