January 25, 2023

Hearing is one of the most crucial means of survival in the animal world and speech is one of the most distinctive characteristics of human development and culture. Accordingly, the science of acoustics spreads across many facets of human society—music, medicine, architecture, industrial production and more recently in off-site instructional facilities.  Join us today at 16:00 UTC when we review the best practice catalogs of the peak standards-setting organizations for titles relevant to education communities.

Acoustical Society of America

ASTM International

Committee on Building and Environmental Acoustics

Audio Engineering Society

Entertainment Services and Technology Association

International Code Council: Guideline for Acoustics

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

Standard for Acoustic Emissions from Transformers

Standard for Wind Turbine Acoustic Noise Measurement

International Electrotechnical Commission: TC 20 Electroacoustics

International Standardization Organization: TC/43 Acoustics

National Fire Protection Association: National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code

Underwriters Laboratories

Classified Acoustical Performance Summary (Ceiling tiles)


National Bureau of Standards: Standards on Noise Measurements, Rating Schemes and Definitions

United States Department of Labor: Occupational Noise Exposure

IEEE: Design and Implementation of an Adaptive and Effective Audio System for Classroom

Why Acoustics Matter So Much in Medical Facilities

Syllabus: Acoustics 100

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