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ANSI Z60.1 | Nursery Stock

To sustain its campus experience and to maintain its brand, the education industry provides a large market for horticultural products and services.


ANSI Z60.1 | Nursery Stock

August 11, 2018
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The purpose of the American Standard for Nursery Stock — ANSI Z60.1 — is to provide buyers and sellers of nursery stock with a common terminology in order to facilitate transactions involving nursery stock.  This standards establishes common techniques for

(a) measuring plants,

(b) specifying and stating the size of plants,

(c) determining the proper relationship between height and caliper, or height and width, and

(d) determining whether a root ball or container is large enough for a particular size plant.

This document — prepared under a grant to ANSI by AmericanHort — is a communication tool for the exchanges of products and services but does not provide buyers with any assurance of the health or quality of the nursery stock being specified or sold.  It does not cover labor resources.

The 2014 revision will enter another revision cycle in 2019 so it is not too early to formulate concepts to advance #TotalCostofOwnership.   Accordingly, we will place this standard on our advocacy agenda for 2019 and begin reaching out to subject matter experts in the education facility industry.  We will facilitate idea upflow from the workpoint — especially from subject matter experts who are not funded to participate in education industry trade association activities.

As with other technical and business standards, our progress is a standing item on our weekly Open Door teleconference — every Wednesday 11 AM Eastern time — which anyone may join by clicking here.

Issue: [18-160]

Category: Landscaping & Exterior

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