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August 9, 2021



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August 9:

Nearly two years ago we submitted a recommendation to ANSI regarding a proposed Laboratory Design standards committee.  We were not aware of the status of the proposal until now.  Technical Committee ISO/TC 336 now shows up in the link below:


Our participation and coverage ended when we learned ANSI would not be participating.   Apparently that has since changed; the circumstances of the pandemic likely influencing the decision.  We maintain all ISO titles on the standing agenda of our periodic Hello World! colloquia.  See our CALENDAR for the next online meeting, open to everyone.

Laboratory Design

July 21:

The Energy Colloquium was hosted on GoToMeeting only (technical problems).  Colleagues who clicked into Zoom are welcomed to send an email for a summary.

June 9:

The University of Michigan Google Sites facility which we have used for nearly 20 years is undergoing an upgrade.  We park provisional content from the most recent International Code Council meetings on the Group A Codes here until we have proved that the upgraded Google site will keep the structure of our site, and all our content dating back to the early 2000’s, remain intacts.  It’s been a rough start.  We are not fans of the block editors; period.

BCAC Public Comment Proposals June 9 meeting

BCAC Public Comment Proposals May 26 meeting

June 2:

The attachment from the US Army Corps or Engineers relevant to the Homeland Security electrical power reliability project was not available at the time of the meeting although it was discussed.

TM 5-698-5

May 20:

Paul’s NIST grant content is now available.  We will roll in into the agenda of the next Mobility colloquium:

Friday Footnote

May 13:

Not available at the time of yesterday’s Recycling Colloquium because of conflict with ANSI Company Member Forum Meeting

May 4:

(Follow up)

Minutes from last week’s NSF Food Equipment meeting in Ann Arbor:

Meeting Summary – TG on Food Equipment Fabrication – 2021-05-04 – final (1)

We will log these into the NSF workspace before next month’s Food colloquium


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