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Data Center Wiring

December 10, 2020

“Bookwheel” Early Data Center

The standard of care for practical wiring safety for data centers —  a continually expanding presence in education communities even before the pandemic  — is established in National Electrical Code Articles 645 (Information Technology Equipment), Article 646 (Modular Data Centers) and Article 647 (Sensitive Electronic Equipment).   You will notice that these articles cover the topic comprehensively and bear the imprint of competing Producer-Interest groups.  There are no User-Interest representatives on Code-Making Panel 12 that represent the final fiduciary in education communities even though education communities are one of the largest markets for information and communication technology systems.

The current version of NFPA 70 is linked below:

2020 National Electrical Code

The transcripts of technical committee action during the 2020 revision are linked below because they inform our recommendations for the 2023 National Electrical Code.

Code‐Making Panel 12 Public Input Report (A19)

Code-Making Panel 12 Public Comment Report

The issues that have been in play in these articles of the NEC are familiar to veterans of the “food fight” – occupancy classification, cable specifications, fire protection, ventilation, energy consumption, surge protection, licensing of engineers. etc.  We look for market-making excesses by opposing stakeholders that seek to limit their risk while raising the (financial) risk to education communities.

Public consultation on the First Draft closes August 19th.

We encourage our colleagues to participate in the NFPA code development process directly.  We also encourage stakeholders in education communities — students, faculty and staff  to join us during any of the teleconferences we co-host with the IEEE Education & Healthcare Facilities Committee 4 times monthly in both European and American time zones.   See our CALENDAR for the next online meeting.



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